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Do I Need A Permit For My Water Heater Replacement? | Florence, SC

When wear and tear get the best of your water heater, you’ll have no choice but to replace it. Although the cost of water heater replacement is hefty, it’s much cheaper than retaining an inefficient one. In less than three hours, you can have a brand-new, efficient water heater supplying hot water straight to your faucets. Renovations and home projects are commonplace with most residents. Most large-scale home renovation projects require a permit to conduct.

Does the same also apply to home renovation projects? Keep reading to find out.

Are Permits Necessary to Replace My Water Heater?

You need a permit for your water heater replacement. You can get the permit yourself, or your plumbing contractor will do it on your behalf. All you have to do is visit the Building and Permitting Department, pay the permit fee, and you’ll be good to go.

Reputable plumbing contractors manage all permit requirements for their clients. The service fee is bundled in with the rest of the estimate. You should receive your permit in about two days for residential work and 14 days for commercial water heater replacement.

Will I Need More than One Permit?

The number and type of permits you need depend on the kind of water heater you have. Replacing electric water heaters requires a separate permit for electrical work. An electrical permit is a must-have when the replacement involves new wiring or installing a new circuit breaker.

Any work on your current water supply lines might also necessitate a plumbing permit. Examples of such plumbing work include getting bigger pipes or modifying gas lines. Most plumbing contractors have teams of experts to ensure all permits are at hand before work begins.

Why Are Permits so Important When Replacing Your Water Heater?

Most cities in the country require a permit for building projects. But what’s the use of these permits? Why are they so important? Here are a few reasons why permits are mandatory for water heater replacement and other building projects:

Ensure Safety

Before issuing a permit, a code official will inspect the home for potential safety hazards. They ensure that your home’s plumbing system is up to code and the plumbing contractor is well-equipped to handle the task at hand. Doing so guarantees the safety of everyone in your home.

Simplifies the Home-Selling Process

Water heater upgrades are great for your home’s value, but you’ll only reap the benefits if you can sell the house. Replacing your water heater without a permit makes your home harder to sell.

Home sellers must disclose any improvements made on the property and the permits for the said improvements. Most multiple listing sites won’t let you sell on their platforms without these permits. The same goes for financial institutions. They won’t finance the purchase of homes that lack permits for their improvements.

Maintains Your Property Value

A permit is proof that the water heater in your home is up to code. South Carolina won’t issue a permit for heater replacement projects deviating from building codes. Buildings that don’t adhere to these codes attract low prices in the housing market. Without a code for your heater replacement, your home’s value plummets.

For Proper Insurance

Most insurers have stringent policies against insuring residential properties without relevant permits for their projects. Without proper insurance, homeowners must pay out-of-pocket for damage to their water heaters. This translates to a lot of money down the drain.

It’s the Law

City ordinance has made it mandatory for projects like water heater replacements to have permits before breaking ground. Proceeding with your heater replacement without a permit is illegal. Skipping the permit could translate to hefty fines and void your current homeowner’s insurance.

Most plumbing contractors won’t replace your water heater without a permit.

Risks of DIYing Water Heater Replacement and Skipping the Permit Process

When hiring a plumber is too expensive and obtaining a permit is too much of a hassle, most people will DIY their water heater replacement. Here’s why doing so is a bad idea.

Electric Hazards

Electric water heaters use high-voltage systems to heat up the water before distributing it around your home. Replacing these heaters requires considerable electrical work, which requires a professional to handle them.

Handling wires and other electrical components by yourself puts you at risk of electrocution. You also risk an electrical fire that could burn down your entire house. You’d better let the pros handle it and protect you and your home’s safety.

Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

Replacing your water heater yourself could expose you to harmful chemicals. This exposure is detrimental to your health and could mean a trip to the hospital. You could even poison your hot water supply.

Professionals have the training and expertise to handle these harmful chemicals. They also have protective gear to shield them from the same.

Extensive Damage to Electric and Gas Lines

Your DIY antics might end up damaging crucial electrical and gas lines, causing extensive damage. This damage costs a lot more to repair than it would hire a professional for your water heater replacement.

It’s worth noting that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover DIY repairs. You’ll have to foot the bill for all repairs out of pocket. Furthermore, damage to gas lines is a safety hazard because gas is flammable and travels through these pipes under high pressure.

Let Us Help You Replace Your Water Heater

Permits are an integral part of any water heater replacement project. Most plumbing contractors will handle the permit process. However, consult your plumbing contractor to be sure about the permits.

Be sure to explore your options to find the best water heater for your home. For the best results, leave water heater repair and replacement to the professionals. If you need a water heater replacement, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence today and we’ll replace your water heater in no time.

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