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Benefits Of Timely Water Heater Replacement | Florence, SC

If you are a homeowner in Florence, SC, there is a good chance that you have a water heater in your house. This appliance works hard to reliably supply your family with hot water. Therefore, considering how important a constant supply of hot water is, your water heater has to be one of the most essential components of your plumbing system.

Although your water heater is quite dependable and durable, it is not designed to last as long as the rest of the plumbing system. The average lifespan of a residential water heater is about 10 to 15 years, meaning that you will need to replace your water heater at some point.

However, it is important to note that your water heater will not just stop working on its expiration date. However, around that time, it can develop problems that could make it more expensive to run and maintain. Therefore, it is important for you to accurately time your water heater replacement. Below are some of the benefits you can expect by getting your water heater replaced on time.

Keep Your Energy Bills Manageable

Given the amount of work your water heater needs to do to ensure that there is never a shortage of hot water in your house in Florence, SC, it is not surprising that it is one of the most notable energy consumers you have. However, when the appliance is working optimally, its energy consumption should be considerably low, stable, and predictable. Unfortunately, as your water heater approaches the end of its life, it will become more inefficient.

For instance, its heating elements will wear out and lose their ability to heat water quickly. Unfortunately, this means that your water heater will need more energy to heat your water adequately. Unfortunately, this will be bad not only for your pockets but also for the environment. On the other hand, by seeking timely water heater replacement, you can maintain high levels of efficiency. In other words, ensuring that your water heater replacement is done on time will keep your energy bills fairly low and stable and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Prevent Emergency Breakdowns

Frequent emergency water heater breakdowns are another problem you will face if you do not seek timely water heater replacement. This is because the essential components of a water heater will generally wear out more rapidly as the water heater approaches the end of its lifespan. Unfortunately, considering how uncomfortable and ineffective cold water can be, you do not want your water heater to break down and fail to supply hot water as expected. Besides, emergency calls to a professional water heater repair service can be quite costly, meaning that you do not want to be dealing with water heater emergencies too often. The good news is that you can minimize the risk of emergency water heater breakdowns by simply seeking timely water heater replacement. A new replacement water heater, if installed correctly, will operate optimally, and all its parts will be in perfect condition. Therefore, by investing in a replacement water heater, you can go to bed every night without worrying about the risk of finding no hot water the following morning.

Improve Your Home’s Safety

Whether your water heater is powered by gas or oil, it should be fairly safe to operate as long as it is installed and serviced properly. But as your water heater approaches the end of its life, it can develop some issues that could turn it into a serious safety hazard. This can be explained in several ways. For example, with time, gas or fuel lines can deteriorate and leak. Unfortunately, this might lead to an explosion that could seriously hurt your family and damage your home. Besides, if your water heater is extensively corroded, it can burst and put your family at risk of getting burned by boiling water. The good news is that such problems can be avoided by ensuring that your water heater replacement is done on time. Your new replacement water heater will operate optimally, and it will save you from worrying about the risk of water heater-related accidents in your house. In a nutshell, a timely water heater replacement will go a long way in making your home a safer dwelling for you and your family.

Improve the Quality of Your Hot Water

Of course, you want the water coming from your water heater to be clean. However, if your water heater replacement is not done on time, the quality of the water coming from your water heater could get compromised. For example, since your water heater is made of steel, it could rust and cause the hot water in your Florence, SC home to look brown and have a metallic taste. While the anode rod is effective in preventing rust in water heaters, it deteriorates with time, and it could become ineffective towards the end of your water heater’s life. Although the anode rod can be changed, it won’t make sense to change it if your water heater is already over a decade old. This is because such a water heater is likely to have other problems anyway. Therefore, to continue receiving high-quality hot water, you need to seek a timely water heater replacement.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is apparent that your water heater will need to be replaced at some point. However, for your replacement water heater to work optimally, efficiently, and safely, it needs to be installed correctly. However, unless you are a plumber, this is not a job you should consider doing on your own. Therefore, you should hire a professional plumber to help you get the job done correctly. If you are looking for a licensed plumber to help you install your replacement water heater, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence is an excellent choice. We have been dealing with water heaters for a long time, and we are a household name in our community. Call us for more information about our company.

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