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What Will A Plumber Likely Diagnose As The Cause Of A Humming Garbage Disposal Unit? | Florence, SC

Many homes rely on garbage disposal units for breaking down various liquid and soft food items like peels of potato and citrus fruits. Some items crushed by the garbage disposal unit can make it a fresher scent. However, you must ensure that the garbage disposal system works properly before you toss anything into the unit. This ensures that you don’t damage the blades or their motor. Therefore, if your garbage disposal unit starts humming whenever you turn it on, you should have a plumber inspect it. Many issues might make your garbage disposal unit hum, as explained below:

Obstructed Blades

Contrary to what some homeowners believe, a garbage disposal unit is not full of razor-sharp blades that slice and cut through everything you throw. If you toss items like toys that the appliances aren’t designed to handle, they might obstruct the blade movement. Whenever you flip the switch to turn on your garbage disposal unit, the electricity tries to run the motor that tries to turn the blades, resulting in the loud humming sound you hear.

Whenever you notice this, you should call a plumber to have your unit inspected and fixed. When the professional comes to your Florence, SC home, they will turn off the garbage disposal unit and disconnect it from the power source. The professional will then remove any objects that are blocking the blades. The tools that will be used depend on the object blocking the blades. Never attempt to repair the garbage disposal by sticking your hands into the unit. This is because you might expose yourself to a risk of injury or electrocution.

Clogged Disposal

Similar to throwing toys or forks into the garbage disposal unit, if you are used to adding items or foods your unit isn’t designed to handle, such as hot grease, coffee grounds, or even cram shells will prevent the blades from rotating. However, the motor will still receive electrical power when you turn on the switch. However, since the clog sticks to the blades, the disposal system will not work. Instead, it creates a low humming sound that signals a problem.

Whenever you hear the hum, you shouldn’t be tempted to repair the unit yourself. Instead, enlist the help of a plumber. When the professional comes for the repair, they will disconnect it from the power and use an Allen key to rotate the disposal unit to remove the clog. The professional will also clean the unit to remove the clog. They also might advise you on the materials that can be tossed into the garbage disposal unit and those that shouldn’t.

The Disposal Unit Needs Resetting

Every garbage disposal unit usually has a reset switch installed at the bottom. If the plumber inspects the unit and finds no clogs or obstructions, the garbage disposal unit most likely needs a reset. The plumber will check the unit’s reset switch at the bottom of your unit to ensure it isn’t faulty or worn out. The technician will then press the switch to reset it. Finally, the plumber will run cold water in your sink and turn on the garbage disposal unit to ensure the problem is fixed.

Tripped GFCI Switch or Breaker

In some instances, the blades of your garbage disposal unit will not rotate, and its motor will start humming whenever the circuit breaker or the GFCI outlet has tripped. Most of the time, tripped circuit breakers are because of an electrical issue such as short-circuiting. Hence, it is a great idea to have routine maintenance done by a professional plumber in Florence, SC. During the inspection and maintenance, the professional will inspect the electrical components and clogging that could result from the humming sound.

If the disposal and the wiring look all right, the technician will reset the unit’s GFCI switch using the reset button. They also might reset the circuit breaker, restoring the power to your disposal unit. The professional will also run cold water into the system to resolve the problem. If it still produces the humming sound, then a tripped GFCI Switch or circuit breaker is just a sign of a more extensive problem that needs further inspection.


The motor overheating is another potential reason the garbage disposal system might produce a humming sound. This usually happens when the motor is malfunctioning or faulty. It also can occur if its blades are sharp enough to grind the waste tossed into it. This will also arise if you frequently throw items the unit isn’t designed to handle. If you use the garbage disposal unit. It might produce a humming sound for an extended time without any breaks.

When a plumber comes to fix the system, they will ask you various questions to determine why the unit is overheating in the first place. They will then perform various tests to determine why the unit is overheating. Upon determining the cause, they will conduct the required repairs to ensure that you can continue using your system without a problem. If the garbage disposal unit is too old, the professional might recommend replacing it altogether because any repair will be a temporary fix.

Faulty Motor

If your garbage disposal unit produces a humming sound, that might signify a more protracted problem. You have to deal with the problem before it renders your system unusable. One of the serious issues that your disposal system might be experiencing is a faulty motor. If the plumber inspects for any of the issues above and determines they aren’t the culprit, then the problem is most likely with the motor.

Hearing a Humming Sound When You Turn On Your Garbage Disposal Unit?

Do you hear a humming sound whenever you turn on your garbage disposal unit? Then that might be a result of either of the issues above. Rather than attempt repairing it yourself, contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence, your reliable plumbing professionals in Florence, SC.

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