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Hiring A Plumber To Install A New Kitchen

Are you planning a new kitchen installation in your home? Remember how many appliances in your new kitchen require the use of running water, such as sinks, dishwashers, hand washing stations and in-the-door water refrigerators. Hiring a plumbing professional for your new kitchen installation is the first step to a great new kitchen!


Selecting an appropriate sink is vital for kitchen installations, considering both utility and visual appeal. Various sink options exist, each offering unique features and benefits. Common sink types include:

Top-mount sinks: Known as drop-in sinks, they feature a rim resting on the countertop, simplifying installation and replacement.

Undermount basins: Installed beneath the countertop, these basins deliver a sleek appearance, making spill clean-up more manageable.

Farmhouse sinks: Also called apron-front sinks, they showcase a prominent front, suitable for rustic or traditional kitchen designs. They are also great for large families since they have more room for dishes.

Integrated sinks: Using the same material as the countertop, these sinks present a modern and seamless appearance.

Selecting a sink requires considering dimensions, style, and material. Size is essential for compatibility with your kitchen layout, while style and material should correspond to your design preferences and budget. Common materials encompass stainless steel, cast iron, fireclay, and granite composite.


A dishwasher is a vital modern kitchen appliance, conserving time and energy on dishwashing. Nonetheless, proper dishwasher installation is as crucial as owning one. Inadequate installation may cause leaks, water damage, and expensive repairs.

When choosing a dishwasher, consider dimensions, style, and features. The dishwasher’s size should correspond to the kitchen’s measurements and the household’s needs. The dishwasher’s style should complement the kitchen’s aesthetics and the homeowner’s preferences. The dishwasher’s features, such as wash cycles and drying options, should match the household’s dishwashing requirements.

A plumbing professional’s contribution to dishwasher installation is invaluable. A plumbing professional ensures that the dishwasher connects to the plumbing system securely and accurately, avoiding leaks and damage. They also install a shut-off valve, allowing isolation of the dishwasher in case of a leak or malfunction. A plumbing professional can also recommend quality upgrades or repairs to the plumbing system to support the dishwasher’s demands.

Water-in-Door Refrigerators

Water-dispensing fridges have gained popularity in contemporary kitchens due to their convenience and accessibility. These fridges supply fresh, filtered water and ice without opening the refrigerator or freezer doors.

Correct installation and connection to water supply lines are critical when installing a water-dispensing fridge. Improper installation can lead to leaks, water damage, and even mold growth. A professional plumber ensures the fridge is installed correctly, without kinks or damage to the water supply line.

A plumbing professional’s role in installing and connecting water-dispensing fridges involves evaluating the plumbing system’s capacity to accommodate the extra water demand. They may need to upgrade the water supply lines, install a shut-off valve, or add a water filter. A plumbing professional will also ensure that the refrigerator is level and properly sealed to prevent leaks or damage.

Water-dispensing refrigerators offer numerous advantages to contemporary kitchens, but proper installation and connection to the plumbing system are essential. Employing a professional plumber to install and connect a water-dispensing refrigerator ensures the job is done accurately, minimizing the risk of leaks or water damage.

Hand Washing Stations

Hand washing stations are a vital element of any kitchen, promoting proper hygiene and sanitation for everyone using the space. A hand washing station enables quick and easy hand washing, reducing the risk of food contamination and the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Several hand washing stations are available for kitchen installations, including standalone hand sinks, hand sinks with integrated soap dispensers, and touchless hands-free hand sinks. The choice of a hand washing station depends on the kitchen’s size, layout, and the number of users.

A plumbing professional plays a critical role in installing hand washing stations and connecting them to the plumbing system. They ensure that the hand washing station is installed at the appropriate height and location for maximum accessibility and functionality. A plumber will also install the necessary pipes and fittings to connect the hand washing station to the plumbing system and ensure compliance with local plumbing codes.

High-End Fixtures

In recent years, high-end fixtures have become increasingly popular in modern kitchens. Pot fillers and contactless faucets are just a few examples of the high-end fixtures available on the market. These fixtures not only add to the kitchen’s aesthetics but also provide increased functionality and convenience.

The appropriate integration and setup of advanced fittings within plumbing networks are crucial for achieving maximum efficiency and durability. An expert plumbing technician can guarantee that the fittings are set up accurately, eliminating any risk of leakage or other problems.

The responsibility of a plumbing technician in procuring and setting up advanced fittings includes identifying the suitable fitting for the kitchen’s configuration, dimensions, and aesthetics. They will then establish the required plumbing connections, making sure the fitting is incorporated flawlessly with the plumbing network. A plumbing technician will also offer guidance on any essential enhancements or restorations to the plumbing system to support the new fitting.

Selecting quality fittings for a kitchen is influenced by individual taste, financial plan, and design style. It’s vital to investigate various fittings, evaluate costs, and peruse assessments before finalizing a decision. Once the fittings have been chosen, it’s crucial to verify their compatibility with the plumbing network and to ensure the installation is executed properly.

Regardless of whether you’re setting up a pot-filler faucet, a touch-free tap, or any other advanced fitting, it’s strongly advised to engage a professional plumbing technician for the task. An expert plumbing professional possesses the proficiency and know-how to install advanced fittings accurately and guarantee maximum efficiency and durability.

When you are planning your new kitchen installation, remember to keep a plumber in mind. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence for all your kitchen installation needs.

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4 Times To Call A Plumbing Company

4 Times To Call A Plumbing Company

If you are a new homeowner in South Carolina, then there will come a time when you are responsible for calling a plumbing company to help with a plumbing issue. For someone who is used to calling a landlord, this can be a completely new experience. However, if you promptly call a plumber at the first sign of trouble, this doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, it can be reassuring to fix a problem without waiting for extensive flood damage or rotting wood to tip you off to the problem.

Of course, at the crux of the situation is the ability to recognize that you need plumbing repair. If you have never been responsible for your home plumbing system before, you might not always know what you are looking for. While it may seem like a plumbing emergency comes out of nowhere, usually, there are subtle signs that something is going wrong before that point comes. The trick is learning to recognize the signs so that you can call a plumbing expert before things take a turn south. The following guide is designed to help you figure out when that time is, and when you can wait a little bit.

Keep in mind that just because you need the help of a professional plumber does not mean that you need to call them right away. While most plumbing companies are happy to offer emergency plumbing services, you don’t always need an emergency plumber. A simple leaking tap can wait a bit (although we wouldn’t suggest waiting too long or your plumbing bills will get out of hand), but other things, such as a burst pipe, need to be addressed right away. The following is designed to help you figure out when you need help.

As a helpful aside, if you are a new homeowner, then you should think about calling a plumbing company to talk about a thorough plumbing inspection. Chances are you don’t know a lot about the plumbing system in your home, but you can change this fact very quickly by letting a professional plumber take a look. As part of their inspection, they will report any sections that look questionable and give you a detailed report that outlines the overall condition of your entire system and any areas that pose a significant concern. This allows you to proactively repair things and get ahead of any potential systems before they actually turn into emergencies.

Clogged Sinks

While this section deals with clogged sinks, it doesn’t have to be just a clog in a sink that instigates a phone call to a plumber. A clog anywhere in your plumbing system demands attention from a professional plumbing company. Clogs usually start small so that you can experience some indicators that a clog is starting to form before you get to the point where your drains are overflowing. Ideally, you call a plumber to come help with a partial clog before you start to deal with a shower that won’t empty or a kitchen sink that is filling with feces every time someone flushes the toilet.

In general, a good sign that a partial blockage is occurring is if you see bubbles coming up when you run water or you hear your drains gurgling. Another sign is if you notice that water is starting to pool when you run the sink or if you notice that water is pooling around your feet while you are in the shower. As a rule of thumb, if you suspect that you have a partial blockage it is always best to get help before it turns into a full blockage because then you have an emergency situation on your hands.

No Hot Water

Another clear sign that you need help from a professional plumber is if you discover that you have no hot water in your home. If your water is running fine, but the hot water does not warm up, then there is likely a problem with your water heater. This is not going to resolve on its own, and you need hot water in order for things to function properly in your home, so it is a good idea to call a plumber at the first indication of any trouble. The one thing you can do is check your pilot light, but if it is lit then there is nothing else you can do.

Burst Pipes

Another reason to call a plumbing company right away is if you experience a burst pipe. A burst pipe can unleash hundreds of gallons of water per second, which means you have a fairly large emergency on your hands. The very first thing you will need to do is actually find the main water line and turn the water off. Once this is done, then you need to call a plumber to come to replace the burst pipe and help you deal with water meditation efforts so you can try to save as much of your personal property as you can.

Sewer Backup

Finally, if there is a blockage in your sewer line, you might experience a sewer backup, which is not only gross but also completely inconvenient. Usually, the sewage will leak out of the floor drain in the utility closet or lower level of your home. This is an emergency situation that requires the help of a professional as soon as you can get their attention.

Are you worried that you have a plumbing issue in your home? Are you thinking about booking a plumbing inspection? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence can help with both. Give us a call today to learn more.

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Signs Your Faucet Cartridge Needs The Attention Of A Plumbing Service Professional

Signs Your Faucet Cartridge Needs The Attention Of A Plumbing Service Professional

Do you hear a constant dripping sound coming from your faucet? Does it seem like no matter how tightly you try to turn off the faucet, it won’t stop leaking? If this is happening to you, chances are that the issue lies with your faucet cartridge. If left unchecked for too long, this can lead to intense (and expensive) damage — something no homeowner wants. With that in mind, this blog will discuss some clear signs that your sink faucet cartridge needs attention from a plumbing services professional before it worsens.

Why Your Faucet Cartridge Fails

There are several reasons why your faucet cartridge might be failing to deliver its purpose, which include;

Hard Water Buildup

One of the main reasons for faucet cartridge failure is hard water buildup. Hard water is filled with minerals like magnesium and calcium, which can accumulate in the inner workings of your faucet over time. This causes friction when you turn the handle, eventually leading to damaged parts like O-rings and rubber seals necessary for a working faucet cartridge.

Improper Installation

Another common cause of faucet cartridge failure is improper installation or setup. If not installed correctly, cartridges may not be able to seal correctly or may not function properly at all. Improperly installed cartridges will eventually fail due to wear and tear, leading to leaks or complete failure.

Poor Quality Cartridges

Low-quality cartridges can also contribute to faucet cartridge failure. Low-end replacement cartridges sourced from overseas may not meet industry standards for quality or performance, leading to wear and tear that eventually causes leaks. If you’re using low-end replacement cartridges, then this could be why your faucet keeps leaking.

Old Age

The age of your faucet can also play a role in cartridge failure. Over time, seals and other internal components wear out, leading to leaks or complete breakdowns in functionality. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to regularly inspect your taps for any signs of wear or tear before they become an issue.

Pressure Changes

Finally, drastic changes in water pressure can also lead to faucet cartridge failure. Too much pressure in your pipes can cause excessive wear and tear on the components inside your cartridge, leading to premature failure. When this happens, you may find your faucet difficult to turn on or off, and it leaks occasionally.

Signs Your Faucet Cartridge Is Damaged

Leaking Faucet

One of the most common signs of a damaged faucet cartridge is leakage. This problem can take many forms—from dripping from the base of the faucet, leaking through the handle, or water spraying out from underneath the handle. Ignoring the problem at its early stage might result in a significant waste of water, increased utility bills, and further damage to your plumbing system. Therefore, if you notice a persistent leak from your faucet, call a plumbing professional immediately to diagnose and repair the problem.

Difficult Turning a Faucet On/Off

It’s often easy to overlook the everyday conveniences that we rely on, like the simple act of turning on a faucet to access clean water. However, it can be frustrating when something goes awry and the smooth operation fails. If your faucet is getting harder and harder to turn on or off, it may be a sign that something is wrong with the cartridge. Difficult turning on/off faucets not only leads to water wastage but also results in gradually weakening the faucet’s overall functionality. Therefore, if you notice it’s becoming difficult to turn on/off your faucet, don’t overlook the problem and contact a plumbing expert for repair.

Low Water Pressure

Experiencing low water pressure in your faucet can be frustrating, especially when handling everyday tasks such as washing dishes or showering. Although there may be several reasons for low water pressure, one likely culprit often overlooked is damage to your faucet cartridge. As the internal mechanism responsible for regulating water flow and temperature, a dysfunctional faucet cartridge can significantly impact your water pressure. The gradual buildup of sediment, mineral deposits, or wear and tear over time can lead to a damaged cartridge.

If you notice a persistent drop in water pressure, contact a plumbing services professional to inspect and potentially replace your faucet cartridge to avoid further complications and maintain optimal water flow in your home. With some attention and care from a skilled plumber, you can restore the proper functioning of your faucet and enjoy revitalized water pressure once again.

Noisy Faucets

If you hear strange noises when turning your faucet, such as whistling or buzzing, this could be due to a worn-out cartridge. These noises occur when air gets trapped inside the broken parts of your faucet. Call a plumber to inspect the problem and determine if you need a new faucet cartridge.

Difficulty Adjusting Temperature

Switching between hot and cold water should be relatively simple when your faucet cartridge is in good condition. If adjusting the water temperature becomes somewhat difficult or unreliable, it could indicate an issue with your faucet cartridge. In such cases, contacting a plumbing services provider as soon as possible is best to prevent further damage and more expensive repairs.

A damaged faucet cartridge can cause various problems, ranging from leakage to low water pressure. If you’ve noticed any of the above issues with your faucet, don’t wait for things to get worse, and contact plumbing services professionals immediately. A qualified plumber will be able to accurately diagnose the problem at hand and provide an effective repair solution so that you can restore the proper functioning of your faucet and avoid any further damage.

We Are the Plumbing Company to Call

If you are looking for a plumber to replace your faucet cartridge, call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence. We are equipped with expertise and experience to help you install and repair your sink components providing outstanding service throughout the process. We also offer other services, including pipe replacement and repairs. Contact us today to schedule a service.

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Wondering How Water Filtration Systems Can Benefit Your Wallet?

Wondering How Water Filtration Systems Can Benefit Your Wallet?

If you’ve been searching for a way to get clean drinking water without spending tons of money buying bottles monthly, a water filtration system might be your saving grace. Not only can these systems significantly cut down your monthly expenses, but they also offer numerous other benefits too. From providing healthier and better-tasting water to reducing costs associated with filter replacements, installing home water filtration systems offer more than meets the eye. This article will provide insight into the numerous money-saving benefits of installing a water filtration system in your home.

Prevents Unnecessary Plumbing Services

Water filtration helps you save money on plumbing costs by preventing the buildup of minerals in your pipes. Hard water contains minerals accumulating in the pipes over time, leading to blockages and reduced water flow. When there are clogs in the pipes, your plumbing system will overwork, potentially damaging the pipes. That’s why having your pipes inspected regularly by a plumber to clear all the clogs is good. By removing all the minerals in your water, a filtration system reduces the risk of blockages and damage to your pipes, saving you a lot of money on plumbing repairs and replacements.

These systems also help you save money on plumbing costs by minimizing the likelihood of leaks. When your fixtures experience excess corrosion, they can develop leaks, which can cause water damage. Therefore, contact a plumber today to install a water filtration system that will protect your plumbing pipes and fixtures from damage.

No More Frequent Plumbing Appliances Replacement

Another crucial cost-effective benefit of investing in a water filtration system is that it could help you avoid frequent plumbing appliance replacement. For example, when sediment and contaminants build for long, they can clog the pipes, reducing their efficiency and causing them to wear faster. Also, chlorine and other chemicals in your water lead to pipe corrosion.

These systems are designed to reduce the buildup of these minerals and other contaminants in your pipes, which can damage plumbing appliances such as toilets, showers, dishwashers, etc. Therefore, by investing in a water filtration system today, you won’t have to worry about replacing your plumbing appliances every few years due to damage caused by hard water. You’ll enjoy a lifetime of clean water without worrying about expensive plumbing repairs or replacements.

Reduced Need for Bottled Water

The most obvious money-saving benefit of installing a home water filtration system is reducing your reliance on bottled water. Bottled water can get very expensive, especially if you purchase it in bulk every month. With a home filtration system, you won’t have to worry about spending tons of money on plastic bottles because the filtered water from your sink will be just as safe and tasty. This is because these systems remove contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, and bacteria, that affect your home’s water taste. You’ll also do your part to reduce plastic waste and help the environment.

No More Straining Your Water Heater

When hard water runs through your pipes, it can cause mineral deposits to build up inside your water heater’s tank. This buildup increases the strain on your water heater, making it work harder and use more energy to heat the same amount of water. Water filtration systems help reduce this strain by removing the minerals in your water. The fewer impurities in your water, the more efficient your water heater will be, leading to lower energy bills. Contact a professional plumber today to install a water filtration system in your home and save money on your water heater bills.

Saves You from Water-Related Health Risks

Water contamination is a major health risk, and it can cause serious illnesses that cost tons of money to treat. Water filtration systems efficiently filter out harmful contaminants like bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals from your tap water, ensuring that you and your family consume only safe, high-quality water.

By investing in a water filtration system, you safeguard the health and well-being of your loved ones. This reduces the chances of falling sick and the accompanying medical expenses, such as thousands of dollars in medical bills, prescription costs, and lost days at work. Furthermore, these systems can reduce the risk of skin and hair irritation caused by hard water, eliminating the need for expensive skincare treatments. So don’t take any chances with your health—contact a plumber today to install a water filtration system in your home.

It Saves You Money on Detergents and Soap

Water filtration systems are not only an eco-friendly and health-conscious choice, but they can also prove to be a wise investment for your wallet by eliminating the need for excess detergents and soap. How, you ask? A significant amount of household expenses goes toward purchasing cleaning products, as hard water often requires more detergent to achieve desired results.

By installing a water filtration system, you’ll benefit from softened water, which allows for a reduced amount of soap to be used while still maintaining an effective cleaning process. This reduction in the usage of cleaning agents ultimately translates to substantial savings over time. And there’s a bonus – you’ll also contribute to a healthier environment by minimizing the harmful effects of chemicals released into our ecosystems. Embrace the long-term benefits of a water filtration system, and your wallet will thank you.

Need Help Installing a Water Filtration System? Call Us Today!

Investing in a home water filtration system is one of the best investments you can make for your health and wallet. But before getting started, you should consult a professional plumber to ensure installation goes smoothly. So if you’re ready to save money on bottled water and cleaning agents while protecting your family’s health, call us today at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence. Our team of experts is here to help you find the right product for your needs and install it professionally so that you can start enjoying all the benefits of a home water filtration system.

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How A Plumber Will Take Care Of All Your Plumbing Needs

How A Plumber Will Take Care Of All Your Plumbing Needs

Plumbing is one of the essential services that you need in your home or commercial building. If your plumbing system isn’t working correctly, it can cause several problems in the building- including leaks, flooding, sewage backups and overflows. Plumbing can also be one of the most expensive services in your home or commercial building. If you need to repair or replace a pipe, sewer line, or plumbing fixture, then it’s likely that you’ll have to pay quite a bit of money for the service.

Plumbing Functions

While it’s true that a plumbing service professional is primarily responsible for repairing and replacing plumbing systems, they also perform several other functions. In particular, expect they ensure your plumbing system operates properly throughout the year. This includes replacing old pipes and maintaining the condition of your pipes so that they operate at peak efficiency. Here are the functions performed to cater to your needs:

Inspection and Repair of Pipes and Fixtures

A professional inspects the plumbing system to prevent damage to your building’s pipes and fixtures. This entails checking for leaks, loose fittings, pipe cracks, and other damaged areas. The professional can then make the necessary repairs so your plumbing system operates at peak functionality.

Flow and Pressure Control

Plumbing systems require control for proper flow and pressure. For example, you’ll get a sewage backup with an open sewer line. Your service provider will check for loose connections, broken handles, or other issues with leaks and hoses. Once these problems are fixed, proper pressure control is applied to ensure that your plumbing system operates in proper condition throughout the year.


Proper maintenance is critical for the longevity of your plumbing system. Whether you’re using industrial or residential piping, it must be properly maintained to ensure it operates in good condition for the remainder of its life. Your service provider will perform regular maintenance to ensure all systems function properly. Maintenance functions are done by plumbing companies such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence.

Repair of Leaks and Overflows

Leaks and overflows can damage your plumbing system if not fixed early enough. Depending on the nature of the problem, the service provider may need to order a single part to repair the system, or they may need to replace the fixture entirely.

Sewer and Drain Line Repair

Your sewer and drain lines are another critical system in your plumbing system. These lines must be free of clogs and other issues to prevent sewage overflows in the building. The service provider inspects these lines regularly to ensure they’re debris-free.

Replacing Broken Pipes

No matter how much maintenance is performed on a pipe, there are certain scenarios where a replacement is required. In particular, if a leak comes from a pipe, it’s important to replace it immediately. In many cases, these pipes are under so much pressure that it could cause the entire sewer system to be compromised. The service provider will remove the broken pipe and replace it with a new one to ensure the system operates properly.

Selecting the Right Plumbing Service Provider for Your Needs

You’ll want to consider several factors when choosing the right plumbing service provider. You first need to decide whether you need a commercial or residential plumbing service provider. If you’re in a small office, your plumber won’t need to be as experienced as an expert servicing thousands of people at a local gym.

Commercial Plumbing Service

Commercial plumbing services are designed for large buildings with multiple systems running through them. These systems include water and sewer lines that run throughout the building and can get complex. A commercial plumber will ensure that all these systems are running properly and can replace any pipes or fixtures easily.

Residential Plumbing Service

Residential plumbing services cater to homes and apartments. These services are more affordable than commercial services since they involve fewer people in a smaller area. Residential plumbing services focus on repairs and replacements but offer additional piping installation services if needed. As soon as you start having multiple systems in your home, you’ll want to bring in a professional with commercial experience to ensure your piping is in the right condition throughout the year.

Other factors to consider when choosing a plumbing service provider include the following:

Emergency Response

Sooner or later, plumbing systems are bound to experience problems in a home or office. You’ll need emergency plumbing service to repair the damage quickly. Plumbing companies can promptly repair pipes, sewer lines, and fixtures so your system operates efficiently. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence will send someone out immediately when you call them during an emergency to cater for your plumbing needs.

Experience Level

Every plumbing service provider has a level of experience when it comes to working on your building’s plumbing system. The company you choose must have sufficient years in the business. You’ll also want to make sure they have a variety of professionals who are experienced so that they can handle any jobs that you may have in the future.

Licensing and Insurance

Professionals must pass specific requirements, such as exams, training, or certifications, before offering their services to consumers. Their success is marked through certification. You should find out what licensing and certifications your plumber has before hiring them. They should also have a variety of insurance options so that your building is covered in the case of damages.

Upfront Pricing

The pricing for plumbing services can be complicated, so it’s best to ask for an upfront quote when you get the estimate. This will allow you to compare prices from different plumbing companies and make an informed decision on who to hire while ensuring that costs are transparent throughout the process.

If you need a local commercial or residential plumber to install new pipes and fixtures in your home, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence is the plumbing service provider to call. We specialize in commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing services. Whether you need help installing new water lines throughout your property or need assistance with repairs on existing piping, we can help.

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