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8 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Florence, SC

Most homeowners in Florence, SC barely think about their drain systems until they stop functioning properly. Clogs and other issues cause simple tasks like washing the dishes or doing laundry to become a hassle. And while a few home remedies may work for minor clogs, calling in the professionals for a thorough cleaning at least once a year is essential to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly. Rather than let clogged drains ruin your day, contact us today when you notice the following signs that it’s time to call a drain cleaning service.

Slow or Clogged Drains

There are many causes of slow or clogged drains, including soap, hair, grease, and other foreign objects. These objects can build up over time, making the drain increasingly slow and difficult to use.

If your drain is taking longer than usual to flush, it may indicate that a drain cleaning is in order. However, resolving the problem on your own can result in more damage. Ignoring the problem is also not an option because it can lead to bigger problems like burst pipes, flooding, and water damage. The best solution is to enlist the help of a drain cleaning service. They have the tools and expertise to clean your drains and get them flowing smoothly again effectively.

Strange Odors

There are several potential reasons for the strange odors emanating from your drains. These include bacteria buildup, foreign objects in the plumbing, food scraps in the garbage disposal, a missing drain trap, and a dry P-trap. The odors can range from musty and moldy smells to more unpleasant odors like sewage or rotting food.

Addressing the problem as soon as possible is essential to prevent the odors from becoming more pungent and unpleasant. This is where a drain cleaning service comes in. They have the expertise to identify and resolve the issue. They also have access to professional-grade equipment like water jetters, snake augers, and pipe camera equipment needed to complete this job effectively.

Water Backup

Another sign that you need a drain cleaning service in Florence, SC is if you’re experiencing water backup in your home. This can occur due to various factors, including faulty plumbing fixtures, clogged or broken pipes, and problems with the main sewer line.

Whatever the underlying cause, water backup can lead to serious issues like flooding and property damage. Immediate mitigation is important if you notice this problem. A professional plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence can help diagnose and repair the problem to prevent further damage.

Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds often occur due to blockage or obstruction in the plumbing caused by hair, grease, soap, and small objects flushed down the drain. These obstructions create a vacuum effect when water flows through the drain, causing air to become trapped. The trapped air then creates gurgling sounds when it escapes through the drain.

Consider enlisting the help of a drain cleaning service as soon as you hear gurgling sounds from your pipes. They’ll be able to assess the problem and determine the best course of action to restore the proper function of your drains.


Frequent flooding could signal a problem with your drain system, necessitating a professional cleaning. It can occur due to various factors like heavy rainfall, blocked drains, and broken pipes.

Clogged or blocked drains can restrict water flow through the plumbing system, causing flooding. Water that cannot drain properly will likely build up and overflow, leading to water damage, mold, and other problems.

One way to prevent flooding in your home is to have a professional plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence clean your drains regularly. A drain cleaning service can remove blockages and debris from your pipes, allowing water to flow freely through the plumbing system.

Frequent Plumbing Issues

Dealing with frequent plumbing issues can be frustrating and costly. If you constantly deal with plumbing problems, it may be time to call a professional drain cleaning service.

Several factors could be responsible for the constant plumbing issues in your home, such as debris, blockages, and age. Systems that are old or don’t get regular maintenance are particularly susceptible to damage. If not addressed immediately, obstructions in the pipes can cause issues like overflowing drains, clogged toilets, and slow-draining sinks.

A drain cleaning service can help prevent these issues by clearing any blockages and debris from your pipes. This will also help improve the overall efficiency of your plumbing system while reducing the risk of future problems.

Visible Debris

Visible debris in your drains is a clear sign that it’s time for a professional cleaning. If left untreated, debris buildup can lead to more serious problems like sewage backup, water damage, and even flooding.

There are several ways for debris to accumulate in your plumbing, including soap scum, food particles, and grease. Hair, dirt, and other small substances flushed down the drain can accumulate and cause clogs with time.

Enlist the help of a professional as soon as possible to clear your drains and restore their function. This will help prevent future problems and improve the efficiency of your drain system. Also, remember to have the drains cleaned regularly to maintain optimal function.

Age of Pipes

As plumbing pipes age, they become more prone to blockages and clogs to debris and other substances. They also become more susceptible to corrosion and damage. Older pipes that aren’t past their prime will deteriorate quickly without regular cleaning.

Regular drain cleaning can extend your pipes’ lifespan while optimizing the plumbing system’s efficiency. Enlist the help of a professional to clean your pipes every few years, depending on their age and condition. A licensed plumber can also assess your plumbing to determine if cleaning will be sufficient or if a pipe replacement is in order.

Leave It to the Experts

If you are experiencing any of the above conditions, it is important to take action by calling a drain cleaning service in Florence, SC to clear and protect your plumbing. This service will help restore proper function, extend your drains’ lifespan, and improve your plumbing system’s efficiency. Don’t wait – call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence to keep your plumbing system in top condition.

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