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Why You Should Ask Your Plumber To Install A Water Treatment System | Florence, SC

Homeowners are increasingly turning to whole-home water filtration systems installed by a plumber. A water filtration system can be a great option if you prefer to drink filtered water over tap water in your Florence, SC home.

Filtered water is good for many things too, including washing your clothes and cooking. Continue reading to discover more about the top reasons you should have a water treatment system installed in your home.

The Main Benefits of Water Treatment Systems

You might have a water dispenser in your fridge that filters the water before you consume it. Maybe you keep a filtered water pitcher in your fridge that you refill every day? But what about the water used to cook, and the water that you use when you shower and bathe? A whole-home water filtration system installed by a plumber can:

Enhance water’s flavor — Water can have a variety of minerals and contaminants that can alter its taste, smell, and feel. Water filtration systems will remove contaminants and minerals to make your water taste better. This is often a deciding factor for homeowners who are considering asking their plumber to install a water filter system.

Add convenience — With a water filter system, you won’t need to fill up your fridge with water or remember to change the water filter in your filtered water pitcher. The interior plumbing does all the work. You always have access to clean, safe water that you can drink or use for your family.

Increase efficiency — Filtering water in another way can be tedious. You won’t have clean water if you forget to fill the pitcher or change the filter. This can cause problems if you need filtered water at short notice. You should also consider the cost of regularly replacing pitchers and filters. Whole-house water filtration systems installed by a plumber not only make your life easier but also help you save money long-term as you’ll be spending less on disposable products.

Modern civilization is known for its ability to deliver clean water from municipal water supply systems directly to our homes. Modern water supply systems in Florence, SC treat and test water to make sure it is safe for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Water quality is important! You should want it to be as pure as possible.

Installing a Home Water Filtration System

You want to make sure your water is safe for you and your family, regardless of whether it comes from a city water system or a well-based water system. Without a local water filtration system installed by a plumber, there are many opportunities for contaminants to get into your end-user water supply. Even if you don’t have any health concerns, high levels can alter the taste of water and make your dishwasher or washing machine more inefficient.

These issues can be solved by filtering your water at the source you use it. Installing a water filtration system will bring you many benefits, including:

Safe drinking water at all times

Unsafe drinking water can have serious consequences. Heavy metals, which can cause severe health problems or make your water taste bad, can lead to unsafe drinking water. Although the majority of American municipal water systems do a great job of treating water and maintaining water quality, it is best to be safe and ask your plumber about extra steps you can take towards better quality water. You are making smart investments in your family’s health by filtering your water with a home water filtration system.


The cost of bottled water can quickly add up if you buy it regularly for your family. Annual costs for a family that drinks 2-3 bottles of water per day can easily reach $500. Installing a water filter system in your Florence, SC home can help you save money. Bottled water has another disadvantage that can be prevented once you’ve had your local plumber install a home water filtration system.

Help preserve our environment

Plastic bottles make up a large portion of the plastic waste stream. You are probably familiar with the stories and images about the rising costs to the environment from our society’s excessive use of plastic. Even if you are careful about disposing of plastic containers, it is unlikely that your used bottles will be recycled. This problem can be solved by removing plastic bottles from your household’s waste stream.

Resolve potential plumbing problems

Your pipes and other water-using devices can be damaged by chemicals, minerals, heavy metals, or other contaminants, resulting in the need to call a plumber to undertake repairs. You can prolong the life of your pipes and hot-water heaters by eliminating potentially harmful factors at their source.

Prevent skin irritation

Exposure to chlorine in water can cause skin irritations, eczema and psoriasis. These problems can be alleviated by installing a water filter system in your home.

Get cleaner clothes

Soap can be less effective if the water supply has high levels of minerals. You’ll notice a better cleaning experience from appliances such as your clothes washer or dishwasher if you add a water filter system to your home. Your dishes and clothes will look cleaner, and your appliances won’t be affected by mineral deposits.

Unfortunately, mineral deposits can have an adverse effect on the lifespan of many expensive appliances, such as your water heater, washing machine and dishwasher.

Reducing limescale and other mineral deposits

You may have noticed the white chalky deposits in the bottoms of old tea kettles. This is limescale, which is the buildup of minerals from limestone and other minerals present in your water supply. Limescale is not only unattractive but can also build up in pipes, and appliances, and can often make your water taste bad.

Installing a water filtration system has numerous benefits. We, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence have long known about these advantages. Book an appointment with a plumber today to discuss the advantages, disadvantages, installation, maintenance, and repair options available for your next home water filtration solution.

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