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When To Call For A Plumbing Service | Florence, SC

A plumber is a professional who can install or repair pipes and anything related to your water. He will help ensure your water is clean and safe for cooking and even drinking. In this article, we’ll talk about when to call a plumber or professional plumbing service for your home in Florence, SC. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have further questions.

Signs it’s time to call a plumber:

Get professional plumbing service when you notice any of the signs mentioned below:

No Water

If you don’t have water and it’s winter, it’s likely the pipes may have been frozen. Check with your neighbors first to see if they have water or not, as this can also be an issue with the utility company. Otherwise, get professional plumbing service so that a licensed plumber in Florence, SC can thoroughly inspect your plumbing and fix whatever issue needs to be addressed. Don’t worry, all our plumbing experts are quite skilled with any plumbing-related issue. We’re also fully equipped to properly diagnose the problem and provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Water Stains

Have you noticed sagging ceilings or water spots in the walls? This can be due to hidden leaks in your plumbing. We suggest you get a professional service so that a plumber can check for leaks. Never ignore hidden signs of leaks or you may end up paying for a costly plumbing emergency. Other signs of hidden leaks include getting higher water bills all of a sudden and low water pressure. Get in touch with a plumber immediately so they can further investigate.

Water Leaks

Do you see pooling water near your water heater, toilet and other plumbing appliances? You definitely need to get professional plumbing service so that a plumber can properly check on this. When not addressed, leaks can cost you a fortune in repairs, replacements and restorations. Thankfully, you can prevent them by installing leak detection devices, getting routine plumbing inspections and taking care of your plumbing. High water pressure can also severely damage the pipes and lead to them breaking. Get a water pressure gauge as well to check for your home’s water pressure and ensure they’re not lower or higher than 40-60 PSI. If you need more information about this, get professional service today.

Clogged Drains

The first symptom of a major drain clog is slow drains. We recommend getting a professional drain cleaning service immediately to remedy the problem. Try not to use chemical-based drain cleaners because they’re not a permanent solution to drain clogs.

Remember, drain clogs are also associated with other problems such as water damage, pest infestation and having a smelly kitchen. You can prevent this by getting professional plumbing service today. If you’re a business owner and need help in thoroughly cleaning your drains, our plumbing experts are equipped with drain cameras and hydro jetters to ensure your drains are healthy and in excellent shape.

Burst Pipes

All exposed pipes both inside and outside of your home must be protected when the temperature reaches below zero or freezing. They have to be properly insulated or the water inside these pipes can freeze and then burst. The last thing you want is a flooded home but you can prevent this by knowing how to protect your plumbing.

If you think the pipes have already frozen, get professional service immediately so that a licensed plumber can help you thaw the pipes.

Water Heater Problems

Do you still have a conventional water heater installed in your home? How old is it? If you’ve been using that for more than 10 years and you keep having problems with your water heater, we suggest you get professional plumbing service today. Our plumbing experts can thoroughly inspect your water heater and advise you on what to do next. Depending on the problem, we might ask you to get it repaired or get a replacement. It would be wiser and more cost-effective to get a new one especially when you keep calling a plumber for repairs. Remember, repair costs can add up. You will be able to save money when you get a new water heater instead. For installation, please make sure to only get professional plumbing service for it.

Should you decide to get a new unit, we recommend getting a tankless water heater especially when your goal is to conserve energy and save money. There’s no standby heat loss with the tankless water heater as you’re using energy only when you actually turn on the shower or the faucet. It also lasts longer, about 20 years, which means you need to purchase another water heater every few years or so. Without a tank in the basement, you also reduce flooding in your home when you install a tankless water heater. If you need more information about this or are ready to install a new water heater, please contact us today.

Overflowing Toilet

No one wants to deal with an overflowing toilet so ensure that you get professional plumbing service immediately so that the plumber can help you fix the problem. You can also avoid this by being mindful of what you flush down the drain.

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