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What A Plumbing Service Provider Might Diagnose As The Cause Of A Whistling Shower | Florence, SC

You get that freeing feeling when you sing in the shower. Believing one of those songs you like the most while enjoying the warm water is refreshing in many ways. However, it can be worrying when you hear the shower whistling your song, which can be a real cause for concern. When operating normally, a shower is supposed to be silent, with the only sound being the water hitting your body. Something might have gone wrong if you hear the whistling sound from the shower.

Since there are many causes for this, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a plumbing service provider to inspect the shower and adjoining plumbing systems, diagnose the problem, and fix it. In this article, you will learn of the possible reasons your shower is whistling and how a plumbing service provider can help.

Clogged Shower Head

When the plumbing service provider comes to your Florence, SC home to find the cause for the whistling sounds, the first thing that they will inspect is the shower head. This is because, at times, your showerhead might be clogged or old. This means that the plumber might have to give it a good cleaning. The professional starts by examining the outer parts of the showerhead. They will closely inspect each of the holes and the nozzle.

At times, the minerals from the hard water can result in an accumulation of deposits as time passes. Although this cannot harm you, it can block the shower head holes, preventing the water from flowing properly. A showerhead with an accumulation of limescale and other mineral deposits will look as if coated in light green or white. Does your showerhead show any of these signs? You should have a plumbing service provider come over for a further inspection.

However, some homeowners turn to DIY cleaning. Some use baking soda and vinegar and DIY shower head cleaners. They mix a concoction that they use to clean the showerheads. Although this may work, it is nothing but a temporary fix. Additionally, it might end up damaging their shower heads. This will mean more cost because you might be forced to replace the component.

The easiest and most effective method of approaching this problem is having a plumber come over for a professional cleanup. The technician will come with industry-approved cleaning materials and tools. Additionally, they have experience doing such repairs or jobs, meaning they will do it the most effectively. This will spare you time and money. Additionally, the professionals will inspect other parts of your plumbing system to ensure that you are clear.

The Shower Head Pipe Might Be Clogged

If the showerhead is not clogged, the culprit may be the pipe leading to the showerhead. To check this pipe, the plumbing service provider will remove the shower head and insert an inspection camera to pinpoint the exact location of the clog. The professional might also use a drain snake to approximate the point where the clog is. The plumber can use spanners or an adjustable wrench to open the shower head. The professional will then insert the inspection camera to pinpoint the clog. The shower head pipe is the visible pipe that is attached directly to your shower head. Many things might clog the shower head. However, the main culprit is the mineral deposits.

The plumbing service provider will then use a drain snake to remove the clog. They also might use a narrow hydro jetter to blast the sediment accumulation. These methods will protect the pipe’s integrity while effectively removing the clog. If the pipe has deteriorated because of corrosion, the plumber might recommend that you replace it.

High Water Pressure

In the conditions above, the constrained water flow results in high pressure, producing a squealing sound. Another option is that the whistling sound is caused by generally high-water pressure. The shower’s water flow is moving too quickly. There are many causes of high-water pressure. Hence, you should have your plumbing system and shower inspected by a plumber.

The high-water pressure might have a few different causes. If the pressure inside your shower is only getting stronger, a worn-out component of the shower head may need to be replaced. However, the water pressure regulator may be to blame if you’ve noticed greater pressure throughout your house or find that the water heater runs out after only a few minutes. You should have a plumbing service provider in Florence, SC perform this fix.

Old Valves

Behind the shower wall, there are three different types of valves. A whistling sound might be made if either of these is worn out. Among the options are the handle valves. The shower knobs are connected to these valves. They are in charge of regulating how much warm or cold water is released. A shower cartridge in showers has a single handle for both temperature controls. The shower cartridge, attached to a single handle such as the handle valves, regulates the flow of cold and hot water through the shower.

Showers that have bathtubs as well also feature a diverter valve. Water is transferred from your shower head into the bathtub faucet by the diverter valve. If the whistling noise suddenly changes when the diverter valve is adjusted, you know the issue is with the diverter valve. Remember that the whistling noise is annoying and requires the attention of a plumber. It is a sign that something isn’t right and might worsen. Make sure you contact a nearby plumbing service provider as soon as possible to handle the whistling.

Have you noticed that your shower is producing a whistling sound? Various issues might cause that. For this reason, you should have it inspected by a plumbing service provider in Florence, SC. Have you heard that your shower is producing a whistling sound? Contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence to have your shower inspected.

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