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Warning Signs You Need To Call A Professional Plumber | Florence, SC

The plumbing system is an essential part of almost every home in Florence, SC. In your house, it works extremely hard to ensure your family has a constant supply of clean water. The plumbing system also heats your water and ensures that you receive it at the right pressure. Furthermore, it makes it easier and more convenient for you to manage wastewater.

Although modern residential plumbing systems are extremely durable, they are not indestructible. Indeed, your plumbing system can develop issues that might affect its capacity to deliver clean water to your house or discharge wastewater generated in your home. However, given the complexity of modern plumbing systems and the risks DIY plumbing jobs can pose, you should never be tempted to fix a broken plumbing system on your own. Instead, you should have a professional plumber you can trust with all your residential plumbing issues.

But how can you tell it’s time to call a plumbing service to your house? Below is a rundown of the common signs you need to make a quick call to your plumbing contractor.

Dry Faucets in Winter

Dry faucets in winter can point to frozen pipes. In winter, the weather in Florence, SC can get cold enough to put the water in your pipes at risk of freezing. Unfortunately, if a water pipe is frozen, the blocks of ice in it might prevent the flow of water through it. Unfortunately, this means that you will not have water in your house. Besides, since water seems to expand as it freezes, it might put pressure on your pipe and expose them to the risk of cracking.

Therefore, when you notice that your water pipes are frozen, you need to make an immediate call to a professional plumber. Your plumbing service provider will fix the issue to restore the supply of water to your house. They will also assess the condition of the pipes to ensure that any damages are fixed on time. Lastly, your plumber will improve your pipe insulation and advise you on what you need to do to prevent the issue from reoccurring soon.

Low Water Pressure

When you fully turn on a faucet in your house, water should gush out under high pressure. Therefore, if the water seems to be trickling down instead, there is a problem with your plumbing system. It means that our plumbing system is experiencing low water pressure.

This problem can be caused by a wide variety of issues. For instance, if your water pipes are leaking significantly, water pressure in your house is likely to drop. The problem might also be caused by issues in your utility company’s supply line, way beyond your plumbing system.

Therefore, when you notice low water pressure in your house, you will need a plumber to help you diagnose the cause of the problem. If the issue is within your plumbing system, your plumber will fix it accordingly. If your plumbing system is okay, but water pressure is extremely low, you might be advised to call your utility company.

Slow Drains

When you are using your bathtub or sink, you expect the wastewater to flow out within a short time. However, materials such as hair, soap scum, and food particles can gradually accumulate in the drains and reduce the space through which wastewater flows. Unfortunately, this would cause your drainage system to start draining slowly.

If the issue is not resolved promptly, you will soon have to deal with a full-blown drain clog. Unfortunately, drain clogs can cause wastewater to back up and cause serious water damage in your house. Clogged drains can expose your family to pathogens that might leave them seriously ill.

Therefore, you need to call a professional plumber as soon as you realize that you have slow drains in your house. The professional will remove the developing clogs and clean your drains thoroughly. Your plumber might also advise you on the need to regularly get your drains cleaned annually to minimize the risk of plumbing issues like slow drains, drain clogs, sewer backups, and burst pipes, among others.

No Hot Water

If you live in Florence, SC, you know that the supply of hot water in your house is a necessity. This is because the water supplied by your utility company is too cold, and it can be quite ineffective and uncomfortable to use. Therefore, the water heater has to be an integral part of your residential plumbing system. This appliance is always working hard behind the scenes to ensure a constant supply of hot water in your house.

Unfortunately, the water heater can also break down and fail to do its job as expected. Therefore, you might go to the bathroom one late evening only to realize that there is no hot water. In such a situation you will need to make a quick call to your plumber to get the underlying cause of the problem diagnosed and fixed professionally.

Of course, many water heater problems could cut off the supply of hot water in your house. For example, if the water heater’s pilot light assembly is broken, your water heater will not ignite, meaning that it won’t heat water. Similarly, if you use an oil-burning water heater, a broken or clogged nozzle or fuel line will make it impossible for your water heater to supply your house with hot water. But whatever the underlying cause of the problem might be, you can count on a professional plumber to address it decisively.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that there are many plumbing issues that can make it necessary for you to seek the services of a plumbing contractor. If you are looking for a reliable residential plumbing service provider, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence is an excellent choice. We have been handling plumbing challenges for many years, and you can trust us to do a wonderful job. Call us for more information about our company and services.

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