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Top Qualities Of A Good Plumbing Service | Florence, SC

Plumbing is a highly technical profession that requires expert training and in-depth knowledge of sewage and pipe systems. When you have a plumbing need, whether it is installing a new drain or repairing and maintaining an existing unit, you only want a good plumber to handle the entire workmanship. Hiring a professional plumbing service gives you the confidence the job will be done right the first time with permanent results. To help you choose a good plumbing service, the experts from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence share the following qualities of a reliable plumber.


One of the critical qualities of an excellent plumbing service is its certifications. A state license is a required credential for all types of plumbing work. Licensed plumbers have expert knowledge of complex pipe systems, their installation, repair, and maintenance.  Although requirements differ between states, plumbers are expected to have sufficient field experience and pass state-approved exams before getting the certifications. This ensures the professionals are knowledgeable enough to deal with several plumbing problems.


Experience is undoubtedly one of the most necessary credentials of an ideal plumbing company. Professional plumbers go through lengthy apprenticeships before they master the game. Experience is achieved through several years of apprenticeship and trade school experience. An experienced plumber will be able to quickly identify the issue and resolve it in the minimum possible time. They have probably seen and solved similar problems in their career and can overcome anything the drain system may throw at them. Hiring professionals is also cost-friendly because they can access the right tools and equipment.


Over time experience gives rise to competency. A professional plumber offers a range of competent services to suit the specific needs of homeowners. Competent plumbers can assess the situation and diagnose an issue quickly. They can also address any future concerns to prevent similar malfunctions from occurring. A good plumbing service will also offer great suggestions and advice for optimizing your plumbing system.

Good Reputation

Professional plumbing services have a reputation that precedes them. They boast a long list of clients with good things to say about them. Check offline and online reviews of the plumbing companies you intend to hire. Great positive reviews and impressive rates are a sign the company is dedicated to the customers and the quality of their work.

Mechanical Inclination

Plumbers don’t only need analytical skills, but they must also understand the mechanics of the system to help troubleshoot problems effectively. Hire someone who understands the mechanics behind complex systems and how components such as water valves work. They should clearly determine the type of tubing components that suits specific applications and how to optimize their efficiency.

Great Communication Skills

A plumber may be good at their job, but if they can’t correctly communicate issues or recommend solutions to clients, it may lead to an unpleasant experience and bad decisions. For this reason, ensure you only hire plumbing services with good communication skills. Such services can explain your plumbing problems clearly and recommend the best solution to make an informed decision.


A good plumbing service should be trusted to finish their job right on time. Professionals know the value of time and will stick to their schedules while keeping minimal room for slight deviation. Hire a plumber who can respect your time, home, or business and will show up to work fully prepared and ready. Good plumbers have vans containing all the necessary equipment to complete the job the same day and guarantee a quick turnaround.

24/7 Availability

The right plumbing company should offer 24/7 services on holidays and weekends. Emergencies don’t wait, so you should not be made to wait for long before help arrives during critical times. Quality plumbing companies give you peace of mind experts are at hand to tackle your emergencies. Should you be plunged into an unexpected plumbing problem, you are guaranteed prompt solutions no matter the time of the day.


Lateness is never suitable for any job, and good plumbers will always show up on time for their work. Punctuality shows that a professional has the right work attitude for the job. It is also associated with customer service. When you hire a plumber who is not punctual, they may not have the right attitude needed for good results and excellent customer experience.

Safety Prioritization

Plumbers generally face a lot of hazards. A good plumbing service will always prioritize safety before anything else. You don’t want an accident on your property, no matter the extent of the issue. Plumbing problems are always handled skillfully which requires plumbers to deploy safe practices and follow safety procedures to the letter.

Great Coordination Skills

Usually, plumbers work in small spaces. They are also required to use several pieces of equipment as they negotiate their way through cramped spaces. It is vital that a plumber has excellent coordination skills for an efficient and safe craft that guarantees a quick result. They should also have stellar problem-solving skills to evaluate problems quickly and choose options to suit an issue at hand.

Physically Fit

Professional plumbers are always in good shape. There is a specific element of danger related to the job of any plumber. A plumber often tackles multiple situations where physical exertion is necessary. They may be forced to work at tall buildings over rooftops, which presents movement challenges. They also have to crouch under sinks and crawl through narrow corridors and crevices. When a plumber is in peak physical condition, they minimize the chances of injury.

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A good plumbing service should be genuinely passionate about their trade. Such companies provide unmatched customer service and use their skills and training to do a quality job. If you are shopping for a good plumbing contractor, the qualities discussed above will help you settle for the best option. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence is a leading plumbing company offering homeowners stellar plumbing solutions. Our licensed and certified plumbers leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to diagnose various plumbing issues and offer quick and efficient solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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