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Spring Plumbing Maintenance With Your Plumber | Florence, SC

Spring is a great time to tackle home maintenance projects before the sweltering heat of summer. When making your maintenance to-do list, be sure to include your plumbing system. People often don’t consider their plumbing system unless something goes wrong, but with routine maintenance, you can often prevent problems from occurring. Let a plumber from our team inspect your plumbing system and help you maintain it. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Florence offers a full spectrum of plumbing maintenance and repair services. We can visit your home to perform any type of plumbing maintenance needed to keep this essential home system in excellent repair.

Check for Leaks

Plumbing leaks aren’t always visible. A considerable portion of your plumbing system isn’t even accessible as there are pipes buried under floors and hidden behind walls. Still, there are a couple easy ways you can check for leaks this spring. Look beneath all your sinks for signs of a leak. Check your water bill to ensure there aren’t any unexplained increases in what you owe. Look for signs of mold or wet spots on walls. If you are concerned about a hidden leak, you should definitely schedule a leak detection appointment with our plumber.

Repair Dripping Faucets

The easiest way to repair a dripping faucet is simply to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence so we can send a trained plumber to your home to fix it. If the fixture is old, spring is a great time to replace it. Often, dripping faucets can be fixed with cleaning or replacement of parts. Sometimes the faucet is actually not worth keeping. Either way, our plumber can repair or replace the dripping faucets in your home. While dripping might seem like a small issue, it’s actually costing you money with each passing day.

Remove Hard Water Minerals

To keep plumbing faucets and shower heads working optimally, it’s important to clean them. For a thorough cleaning, you can invite a plumber from our team to your home to take the fixtures apart and remove any hard mineral sediment built up inside them. Some people are comfortable unscrewing the faucet head, removing the aerator, and cleaning these small parts. You might notice that you feel grainy or sand-like material. These are hard minerals contained in the water. Too much of this mineral buildup will begin to clog the fixture. Spring is a great time to give all of your faucets a good cleaning.

Inspect and Drain Water Heater

This spring, make an appointment with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence to inspect and drain your water heater. Water heater maintenance will help you get more value from the unit and enhance its longevity. Our experienced plumber will inspect your water heater to make sure it’s working properly and safely. We’ll drain and clean the unit in order to remove sediment buildup. Cleaning the water heater helps to keep it working efficiently. With annual hot water heater maintenance, you can keep the unit in tip-top condition. If, during our inspection, our plumber notices a wearing part or other problem, we’ll alert you to discuss the needed fix. We can replace old parts before they can cause a water heater breakdown.

In addition, if you’ve decided to install a new water heater, our plumbing pros can help. Consider adding an energy-efficient water heater to your home. Consult with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence for help sourcing the ideal type and size water heater for your home.

Test Backflow Devices

If you have backflow devices, early spring is a good time to let our plumber test them. Backflow valves can fail, and if they do, you can wind up with messy wastewater backup after a storm or period of heavy rains. If you don’t have backflow devices installed, consider letting us install them. These devices are designed so that drain water flows one way–out to the city sewer system. Sometimes, the sewer system can become overwhelmed by a great influx of water such as during major storms and days of rains. When that occurs, water in the system can end up flowing back up people’s sewer lines and through their drains. You definitely don’t want to see wastewater pooling up through your floor drain. Fortunately, these devices provide a great safeguard against unwanted backflow.

Clean Drains

Since your household may be engaged in other spring cleaning projects, you might as well include your drains. Drain cleaning is an important maintenance task. Throughout the year, food debris, soap debris, grease, and other debris can wind up getting stuck in your drains. As debris builds up, it increases the risk for drain clogs. We can send a skilled plumber to your home to provide our affordable drain cleaning service.

Using auger or hydro jetting equipment, we’re able to clean drains, remove debris buildup and promote the free flow of water. If you have slow drains or frequent clogs, move drain cleaning to the top of your to-do list. Clogs can actually damage your pipes over time, weakening connections and pipe seams. With annual cleaning, you can prevent more clogs and ensure that your plumbing system works optimally.

Contact us if you want our assistance with your spring plumbing maintenance tasks. Be sure to read our other blog posts to find out more useful information about maintaining your home’s plumbing system.

Our plumbing company has a reputation for our experienced and certified plumbing technicians. We care about our customers and their needs. We offer a full range of plumbing solutions. If you need leak repair, water heater installation, or drain cleaning, simply call us to schedule a service. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence, we look forward to helping you maintain your home’s plumbing system with our professional solutions.

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