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No Nervous Flushes With Our Drain Cleaning Service | Florence, SC

We know the feeling. You want to flush, but you’re not sure if it’ll go down, or something worse will happen. Sometimes things get slower for days before there’s a big problem. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence, we encourage you to call our drain cleaning service at the first signs of trouble with your toilet or any other drain. As professional plumbers, we can find out for sure what’s slowing the flow, and take appropriate measures to make sure it’s gone for good. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of some excess organic bulk, but it can also be an object that fell down the drain, or even a backup that’s caused by deeper clogs building up over time. That’s why you can be surprised by a messy backup when you can’t think of any reason why it should be happening. Don’t worry, just give us a call. We’ll get to the heart of the problem, giving you peace of mind with fast-flowing drains in Florence, SC.

The Strange World of Your Home’s Drains

Cause and effect aren’t always what you think when your drains slow down or back up and make a mess. That’s why we’re here to provide professional drain cleaning service when you’re nervous to flush or run the tap for fear that things will get out of hand. Our plumbers understand all the different ways that drains operate, from simple clogs in the P-trap that curves under the sink or inside the toilet, to deep clogs that can cause backups in several fixtures at once. Clogs that occur deeper in your pipes can even reroute flushes so they erupt in your nearby sink or shower. Fortunately, whatever is going wrong with your home’s pipes, our expert plumbers and drain cleaning service can diagnose them. We’ll then provide the corrections or cleaning needed so you don’t have to be on edge whenever you use your fixtures during your daily routines. You also don’t have to take on the battle yourself, without knowing where the actual problem is located.

Some of the Ways Clogs Block Drain Traffic

The loop under your sink can get clogged grease, hair, and other materials that build up until you notice the water level goes down slowly. Similar problems occur in your toilet. Since most flush mechanisms depend on a fast drain, you’ll wind up having to flush multiple times, until at some point you’re not even having success with that. Our drain cleaning service helps keep the speed of wastewater passing through your drains, so both water and solid material travel without pausing. Some of the more risky areas besides the trap under the sink include horizontal runs of pipe leading to your main drain pipes. These are supposed to be designed and installed with a slight tilt so water and waste keep moving. If there’s a problem with flow through these pipes, waste can rest and accumulate, resulting in distant clogs that may affect multiple fixtures. You might find that two bathroom sinks on the same floor are getting slow. A powerful flush can also “bounce back” from a slow, clogged pipe and rise up from a nearby sink or shower drain instead. Just call our drain cleaning service and they’ll figure it out. As plumbers we have advanced knowledge of drain flow that explains these strange phenomena.

The Tools of the Drain Expert’s Trade

It pays to know what you’re up against, and video inspection equipment is a valuable asset in our fight against drain problems. The key to providing the best drain cleaning service is experience, though, that sense that points towards both common and unusual problems that, over the years, we’ve seen many times before. We’ll try to differentiate between big, hairy, greasy clogs and objects flushed or dropped down drains, using different tools to either break them up so they flow down, or extract them. That’s the thing about using tools like plungers, if the clog isn’t breaking up, it can get more stuck with each push. Many of our tools are both manual and motorized, for more effective use. We also have hydro jetting capability, which uses very high pressure spray to clear pipes. This is part of our whole-house drain cleaning service, sweeping the pipes clean to the walls for a fresh start. As plumbers, we make sure the pipes are in good enough condition for each method, since corroded pipes may be weakened and vulnerable to leaks.

Whole-House and Outdoor Drain Cleanouts

Providing preventive drain cleaning service can help prevent clogs and backups over the following year or more, especially those caused by deeper issues within your pipes. We provide a well-orchestrated service, carefully proceeding through your home and respecting your floors and furnishings, while providing the equivalent of a clean scrubbing to all your drain pipes. If your property has outside drains to keep rainwater from flooding your landscaping, yard, or even foundation, our experts can also clean those out. Clearing stormwater drains and other outdoor systems can make a surprisingly significant difference. They’re often quite clogged from organic material after the fall season has passed in Florence, SC. Ask our expert plumbers to help with your other outdoor plumbing and hose bibbs, as well as damp areas of your yard that could indicate underground pipe leaks that need our attention.

There’s no need to stress when your drains are acting strangely in Florence, SC. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence, our drain cleaning service has a full repertoire of inspection and cleaning equipment. Combined with our plumbing experience, it’s the perfect solution for all your home’s drain concerns, from dangerously rising toilets to sinks that never drain. Go ahead and give us a call as soon as you notice slow drains, gurgling, or the wide variety of bizarre behavior that slow and clogged drains can cause throughout your home. We’re here for you, 24 hours a day, waiting for your call!

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