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How To Find The Right Plumber For Your Home | Florence, SC

There’s no getting around it: at some point in your life, you’re going to need a plumber to come to your Florence, SC, home and figure out what’s wrong with your water system. Whether it’s your pipes, water heater or drains, things are going to go wrong as parts get old and worn out. If you don’t have the right plumbing expert on the task, you’re going to end up paying for their lack of knowledge in a big way.

Finding the right plumber, however, isn’t always an easy task. With so many possible plumbing professionals out there, it can seem overwhelming to try to figure out who might be the best one for your home’s needs. You’ve got a lot of information to consider when you call a plumbing expert, and paying attention to these things can help make sure you choose the right one.

Look at Licensure and Insurance First

This is to protect you, first and foremost. Licensure from the state of South Carolina ensures that you’re working with someone who has met the Palmetto State’s standards by passing an exam and actively engaged in plumbing work for at least a year. Both of these are important, because contrary to what the internet might have you believe, plumbing is not something that you can pick up from watching a few videos online. It’s a real skill that takes time to learn, and part of licensure is making sure that only plumbers who have the necessary experience to handle problems at your home are available for you to call.

Insurance is just as important, if not more. When you work with a plumbing professional, they will always carry their own insurance if they’re even the slightest bit reputable. That’s because any experienced plumbing expert knows that when you solve a plumbing problem, sometimes you have to create another problem in order to solve the original one. For example, most homes have pipes in their walls to get water throughout the home. Obviously, you can’t get inside the wall to take a look at the pipes unless you make a hole in the wall, which will take time and money to correctly repair.

And that’s where insurance comes in, because when an insured plumber creates a new problem in your home to solve the first one, any damage they did is covered by their insurance. You’ll never receive a bill from a plumbing technician for a hole in your walls or floors that they created in order to get to your pipes and solve the issue. All you’ll get is the name of the company your plumbing repair expert works with so that you can have them take care of the non-plumbing-related fixes. If you work with a non-insured plumbing technician, you’re the one on the hook for any damage that they might do to your home.

Get a Written Estimate

This is why it’s always best to have a plumber come to your Florence, SC, home when it’s not an emergency: it’s always better to take your time and make sure that the estimate is clear and explains any necessary work before anything gets started.

Any plumbing expert worthy of their reputation will be happy to provide you with a detailed estimate that explains exactly why they need to do something specific in your home to completely fix the problem. If there’s something that you don’t understand, they’ll be glad to clear things up so that you know what they need to do and why.

If they won’t give you a written estimate or answer your questions in a clear manner, you should move on to another plumbing expert. Transparency is key for anyone in the plumbing industry, and a plumbing technician who won’t explain exactly what they’re doing and why is a serious red flag.

Ask Other Professionals

Many professionals in the home repair and remodeling industry work with each other and know who does good work in the Palmetto State. That’s because home remodeling, repairs and construction often require experts in multiple fields to work together to create the finished product, and a plumbing professional is absolutely part of that group.

An experienced electrician, HVAC repair specialist, foundation repair expert or other professional that you trust will likely be happy to pass along recommendations for a plumbing expert that they’ve previously worked with. Plus, they’ll be willing to give you completely honest reviews of someone who works with another company, giving you a good place to start in your search for the right plumber for your needs.

Ask Your Friends and Family, and Ask For Reviews

Most plumbers are proud of the reviews they’ve earned for good work because they like helping out their community and they’re happy to share the satisfaction that they’ve given to other members of the community who have faced similar situations. If you ask a reputable plumbing expert for reviews from past jobs, it likely won’t take long for them to produce a list of people who can confirm their work is of the highest quality.

Friends and family can also be a source of good information about trustworthy plumbing experts. You know that your friends and family in the area will give you honest feedback and can tell you exactly what they did and didn’t like about someone they’ve worked with. Plus, you know their tastes and personality well, so you can figure out if a bad review is because of something that would be a deal-breaker for you or not. Any reliable information you can get always goes a long way toward making the right decision.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence, we’re proud to earn the chance to be the plumber that Florence, SC, residents call on when they need something fixed the right way. Our punctual plumbers will be there whenever we’re needed to handle any plumbing emergency that may come your way. Contact our team to get someone on the job right away!

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