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How Hard Water Can Affect Your Plumbing System And How A Plumbing Service Can Help | Florence, SC

Hard water is a common issue in many Florence, SC residential buildings. It is caused when the water supply has a high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals can cause problems in plumbing systems, including clogged pipes, blocked drains, and reduced water pressure. In extreme cases, hard water can cause corrosion in pipes and fixtures, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

Luckily, a plumbing service provider can address these issues by installing a water softening system, which uses salt to remove the minerals from the water and prevent them from accumulating in the pipes.

They can also provide maintenance and repair services for existing plumbing systems, such as cleaning out mineral deposits and replacing corroded pipes. In addition, a plumbing service provider can advise on preventive measures which can help reduce the potential for hard water damage. Here are some common plumbing issues related to hard water.

Clogged Drains

Over time, calcium and magnesium may build up in the pipes and can cause clogs and blockages, leading to drainage problems. As a result, water may back up in the pipes and bring about slow drainage. If unresolved, drains can become completely blocked, resulting in a plumbing emergency.

A plumbing service provider can help address these issues by installing a water softener, which removes the minerals from the water. This will help to prevent the accumulation of minerals in the pipes, thus reducing the risk of clogs and blockages.

Additionally, they may recommend cleaning the drain lines to clear any existing blockages. Finally, they may also recommend regular maintenance to ensure potential problems are identified and addressed quickly.

Decreased Water Pressure

Hard water deposits can cause a significant decrease in the flow of water from your faucet, even when the water valve is increased. This is due to the accumulation of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals in the pipes. Mineral deposits may affect the water flow and the pressure inside the pipes, resulting in a backflow of water.

A plumbing service provider can recommend multiple solutions to remedy this issue. One solution is to install a water softener, which helps to reduce the number of minerals in the water. A plumber may also put in place a filtration system to help remove sediment, chlorine, and other impurities from the water.

In addition, a plumbing service provider can recommend a disinfectant to help break down the hard water deposits in the pipes.

Water Heater Damage

Water heaters use an electric heating element to heat the water inside. Over time, minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium, form a film on the heating element, known as limescale. This limescale encases the heating element, reducing its ability to heat the water efficiently.

This limescale can reduce the life of a water heater from 8 to 10 years to as few as 4 to 6 years, based on the level of minerals present. To maintain the lifespan of a water heater, it is essential to regularly check and flush the tank to remove any mineral buildup.

You can also ask your plumbing service provider to install a water softener at your Florence, SC home. Doing so will help to keep the water heater running efficiently and reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements.


Calcium and magnesium are minerals found in hard water that can damage metal plumbing. When hard water comes in contact with metal plumbing, these minerals form a chemical reaction that slowly breaks down the metal over time.

This can cause leaks, breaks, and discolored water, and if not addressed, it can lead to the entire plumbing system deteriorating. Not only can calcium and magnesium corrode metal pipes, but they can also cause corrosion on fixtures, taps, drains, and appliances.

It is vital to have a plumbing service provider test your water for calcium and magnesium and treat it to prevent corrosion from occurring. It is also advisable to use corrosion-resistant materials when installing new plumbing to help reduce the risk of deterioration.

Regular maintenance and treatment of hard water can help protect your plumbing system from the damaging effects of calcium and magnesium.

Reduced Water Quality

Hard water contains little particles of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, that can build up on the interior surfaces of your plumbing system. Although these minerals are safe to drink, they may negatively impact appliances and cleaning products.

The minerals interfere with soap and detergents, making it harder for them to get rid of dirt, food, and other substances.

This means you must use more detergents, and your appliances must strain to wash dishes or clothes. The minerals can also cause buildup in pipes and appliances, leading to clogs and slow water pressure.

Hard water can also leave behind a chalky residue on dishes and clothes. All of these factors can add up to higher energy and water bills. To prevent these issues, your plumbing service provider can install a water softener in your plumbing system.

Dirty Shower Heads

Hard water can be detrimental to your hair health and may leave your hair feeling dry and dull. It contains a lot of dirt, bacteria, and metals, which can damage your scalp and strip the hair of its natural oils. You should invest in a showerhead with a reliable filtration system to help you protect your hair.

Plumbing companies offer modern shower heads with advanced filtration systems to remove such elements. These filters also help to reduce chlorine levels in the water, which can cause hair damage. With a reliable filtration system, you can enjoy soft water for your showers and healthier, shiny hair.

Get Quality Water Treatment Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence helps residents of Florence, SC, and the surrounding areas install, repair, and replace water conditioning systems. Our plumbing service experts can test water at your home and recommend a brand that suits your needs.

Our water conditioning systems use modern technology to filter out salts, metals, and minerals before they reach your faucets. This will not only make your water safer to drink and bathe in but also protect your plumbing, drainage pipes, and appliances from corrosion and other damage.

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