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Experienced Plumber For Top Drain Cleaning | Florence, SC

If you have smelly drains or pests in the pipes, you may need drain cleaning services. Standing water and backed-up sinks are other signs that it’s time to call in the experts to root out the source of your drain problems in Florence, SC. To avoid sanitary issues such as foul odors and clogs, you can engage Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence. Our team will dispatch a reliable plumber to your home. Keep reading to learn more about the main equipment used for drain cleaning and find out the best qualities to look for in a qualified plumbing professional.

What’s the Main Equipment Needed to Clear a Drain?

When you can’t clear a clog with a plunger, it’s time to call in professional plumbers. A clog that builds up deep in the drain or sewer line is typically made-up of grease, oil, hair, soap, and other debris that has built up over months or years. Fortunately, water jetting and auguring often work quickly to remove the blockage and restore regular flow in your pipes.

Find out how these tools, in the hands of plumbing professionals, loosen up the toughest clogs.

What Is Augering?

An auger has many names, including plumber’s cable and drain snake, to name just two. Here are the distinguishing features of this effective tool:

  • A long metal cable fed down a drain system. They come in various lengths and widths, and your plumber will choose the right one for your pipes.
  • A spiraling hook. Located on top of the cable, the spiraling hook rotates to power through dirt and mud. Our professionals monitor and direct the operation of the auger to unclog your drain.

It’s not pretty, but the clogged material washes down the pipe or comes back through the line on the tip of the hook.

What Is Water Jetting?

Water jetting uses water pressure to clear drains of debris that builds up along the side of the pipes. Sometimes called hydro jetting, this technique uses water to blast away sediment, grease and tree roots that infiltrate your drain system. Your plumber will use a commercial-grade machine with a high-powered hose to clean out your pipes. By guiding the hose through your sewer line, we thoroughly clean the entire line.

How Video Cameras Make Drain Cleaning a Breeze

It’s important to find a plumbing professional who can provide a long-term solution. One of the tools we use to do so is a tiny video camera atop a thin cable. When wound through your sewer pipes, it provides camera footage of the inside of your pipes. You can request a copy of the video for future reference or to provide to your insurance company for a covered claim.

What to Look for in a Great Plumbing Company

Experience and great communication skills are just two of the qualities plumbers need to get the job done quickly and effectively. Of course, you’ll want a professional who puts safety first and arrives on time. Besides punctuality, your plumbing professional should have the problem-solving skills needed to resolve your drain cleaning problem.

What other traits should your plumbing team exude?


We only hire plumbing professionals with the ability to troubleshoot problems they come across in Florence, SC. After we vet out local talent, we provide job training for every imaginable plumbing scenario faced by our customers. That’s what sets us apart and why our customers are relieved when we show up at their doorstep. However, communication skills are equally important.

Communication Skills

To solve your problem, we must first listen to your description of what’s ailing your plumbing. That’s why we look for candidates who have a calm and easy manner of communicating without dominating a conversation. It’s equally important to speak in plain language when it comes to what’s going on in your drains. This can avoid misunderstanding and save time.


We know what it’s like to sit home waiting for service personnel to show up. That’s why we require punctuality and a committed work ethic. That’s just good manners but it also helps you maintain your schedule and remove stress from the drain cleaning equation. So, contact us for plumbing pros that take the job seriously and arrive when expected.

Coordination Skills

Using a water jet, auger or camera requires agility and coordination. Plumbers often have to negotiate tight spaces to clean your drain and perform other plumbing services. That’s why this is one of the skills we look for in job candidates and why you can trust that an adept professional will answer your service call.

Safety First

It’s always important to put safety first and dedicated plumbing professionals will do their utmost to maintain a safe work site. They will also clearly explain any dangers possible should you decide to leave a plumbing issue unaddressed. This is especially important when dealing with high water pressure and sanitary concerns caused by clogged pipes.

Problem-Solving Skills

Perhaps more than anything else, plumbers are problem solvers. The skill comes naturally but it can also be developed. During the interview process, we emphasize the importance of being able to assess a situation carefully and use the tools of the trade to get to the bottom of whatever’s ailing your drainpipes. We often have to make a fast evaluation on the fly in order to efficiently and cost-effectively resolve your drain and sewer problems.

Do you need a plumber who will truly listen to you and use the information to properly clean and clear your drains? If so, you can rely on our team for effective solutions that don’t break the bank.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence to set up an appointment for drain cleaning services in Florence, SC today!

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