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Essential Tips You’ll Need From A Plumber

Do you need more plumbing tips for your home? It’s your lucky day because we’ve compiled essential plumbing tips you’ll ever need. The tips below let you avoid costly plumbing repairs and ensure your appliances or fixtures stay in excellent shape. Call us if you need more help or assistance with your plumbing. If you need a plumber for repairs or installations, our team is always ready to help.

Tips that Save Money

Here are the tips we think you need. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or clarifications:

1. Avoid DIY Plumbing

We’re not against DIY home projects. We do encourage you to try DIY home projects but not for your plumbing. Regarding major repairs and installations, it’s always best to hire professionals for them. You can save money and avoid a more costly repair when you hire a licensed professional than when you do things independently. This is because a single mistake can cost you your appliance. To avoid paying for a costly replacement, get professional installation and repair services.

When hiring an expert, though, make sure the person you hired is highly qualified and experienced to perform the job. Avoid hiring an unlicensed person offering his services at a lower price. He’s not insured, so if he damages your appliance, you may never get reimbursed for the cost.

Our plumbing experts are licensed and fully insured. We also have all the safety equipment to ensure your home and family stay safe.

2. Get Basic Plumbing Tools

If you want to do some DIY plumbing, you may be able to fix leaky faucets or unclog the drain. However, do make sure you have the proper tools for them. Talk to a professional about the essential plumbing tools at home. You may be able to use a drain snake or a plunger when unclogging the toilet. Get professional help if you’re not confident about using the tools, though.

3. Don’t Use Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners

When unclogging the drains, we recommend using a drain snake. Never use chemical-based drain cleaners, for they can only damage your pipes eventually and cause a catastrophic plumbing emergency. What you can do is hire an expert for a professional drain cleaning service. If your complaint is about a persistent clog, we can use our drain cameras to help us assess the condition of your pipes and provide you with a better solution.

We also have hydro jetters for commercial properties, especially for restaurants. This tool is highly effective at getting rid of very serious clogs. Getting professional drain cleaning ensures your drain stays healthy and in top shape. Call us today to book this plumbing service.

4. Get Safety Devices for Your Home

A leak detection device is placed near your water heater or other plumbing appliance. When this device detects a leak in your plumbing, you will be alerted for it. But you also need to connect your device so that you continue to receive alerts. You need these safety devices to prevent further damage to your plumbing.

If you own a basement, we recommend you also consider installing a sump pump to prevent flooding in the basement. But make sure to test the sump first to see if it works, and don’t forget to get batteries so that you’re prepared in case of power interruptions. For installation, please only hire a licensed plumber for it.

5. Insulate the Water Heater and the Pipes

During winter, please don’t forget to insulate your old water heater tank to conserve energy. Include exposed pipes so that the water inside them doesn’t freeze. You must protect the pipes during winter to prevent them from expanding and bursting.

For your water heater, don’t forget to drain the tank to eliminate the sediment buildup. If you don’t remove the buildup, the sediment will only affect the efficiency of your water heater and can eventually damage the pipes and lead to a very costly repair. Hire an expert as well to inspect the unit professionally. You can maximize the service life of your water heater when it’s properly maintained, so call us today.

6. Hire the Right Professional

Whether it’s for new installations or repairs, please hire the right professional. Choose a plumber with a license who’s fully insured. Also, please ensure he’s highly qualified to finish the job right the first time. If possible, choose someone who can also do emergency plumbing so that you won’t have to keep calling another plumbing company. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence offers around-the-clock service. Call us anytime, and our team will get back in touch with you anytime.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence Today

Do you need a plumber to handle repairs and installation work effectively? We can help with this. We are a reliable and trusted plumbing company that offers services for homeowners and businesses in the area. As an established plumbing company, rest assured that we can get the job done right the first time. We’re also fully insured and fully equipped so if something does come up, we’ll take care of it right away. We can help with water heater repair and installation, kitchen or bathroom renovation, professional leak detection, drain cleaning services, and plumbing inspections. Simply call us, and our team will give you a proper diagnosis and cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence today for an appointment.

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Plumber Tip: Watch Out For Signs Of Hidden Leaks

Plumber Tip: Watch Out For Signs Of Hidden Leaks

Leaks can cost you a fortune in repairs, replacements, and restorations. Thankfully, there are things you can do to ensure your plumbing is in excellent shape. It’s also important to watch out for signs of hidden leaks, as these are usually what leads to a major plumbing emergency. In this article, we’ll talk about signs of hidden leaks and why you need to call a plumber immediately to prevent a costly plumbing emergency.

Signs of Hidden Leaks

Below are the signs of hidden leaks in your plumbing. Call us immediately so we can perform professional leak detection.

Higher Water Bills

One indication of leaks in your plumbing is a higher water bill. When your water bill has suddenly skyrocketed, you might want to do a water meter test first before calling an expert. To do this test, you will have to make sure that no one else uses the faucet or the shower. Do two readings and compare the results of each reading. If they’re different, this means there’s a leak in your plumbing. Hire the services of a plumbing expert right away for professional leak detection.

When you hire us, our team will help you find the leak, what causes it, and how to effectively resolve the problem. We’ll also give you advice on how to prevent leaks in your plumbing.

When the water bill is too high, this could also be due to toilet leaks. Toilet leaks have to be resolved right away or these can waste hundreds of gallons of water. You can test for leaks by dropping food coloring into the toilet tank. Check the toilet after 15 minutes to see if the color of the water has changed. If it did, this means there’s a leak in your plumbing.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can indicate two things. This could be due to leaks in your plumbing, or the plumbing fixtures might be defective. When you have low water pressure and higher water bills as well, this usually indicates a leak in your plumbing. The best thing you can do is to call a plumbing expert for a leak detection service. You need to do this the soonest possible time to avoid a plumbing emergency that might cost you a fortune in repairs, replacements, and restorations.

When you have a water heater tank and the water pressure is low, the sediment can also build up faster. When this happens, you will need to flush the water heater more than once a year, or the sediment will affect the water heater’s efficiency and lead to higher utility bills. If you don’t flush the water heater right away, the sediment buildup will only damage the water heater and cause even more problems.

Low water pressure can indicate a problem, but you need to be careful with high water pressure as well. A water pressure that’s too high can also extremely strain the pipes, and this can lead to even more damage. Call an expert to install a water pressure regulator to address the problem.

Pooling Water Near Plumbing Appliances and Fixtures

Seeing pooling water near your water heater or plumbing fixtures can also indicate a leak in your plumbing. The pipes could be broken, or the water heater tank could be damaged. When you see this, call a professional immediately so that he can inspect your plumbing and provide a better and cost-effective resolution.

Water Spots in the Ceilings or Walls

Seeing water spots in the ceilings or walls can also indicate leaks in your plumbing or this could be roof leaks as well. Either way, you need to get in touch with a professional so that he can check on this for you and provide a better solution. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Call us right away so that we can do a proper inspection of your plumbing and give you cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Install Leak Detection Devices

Buying leak detection devices and installing these near your water heater or plumbing pipes can help as well. While they can’t prevent leaks, you will get notifications when these devices can detect abnormalities in your plumbing or plumbing leaks. Just make sure you connect these devices to your mobile phone or tablet to ensure that you’ll actually get alerts when there’s a leak. Some of the devices can also automatically shut off the water supply to prevent further damage to your plumbing.

If you have a basement, we suggest you install a sump pump to prevent flooding in the basement and safeguard appliances stored there. Don’t forget to also get extra batteries, especially when you live in a flood-prone area. Also, don’t forget to test if the sump pump works by pouring water into the sump pit. Just pour enough water to activate the float switch. When it’s activated, it should start to empty the water from the sump pit. If it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, you need to get in touch with a licensed professional so that he can inspect your unit and do repairs as necessary. Contact a plumber to know more about these leak detection devices or if you’re ready to install one for your home.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence

Do you need a plumber in your home or business? We are an established plumbing company that offers a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services. Our team of plumbing experts is licensed, skilled, and experienced. We can take care of any plumbing repairs, installations, or maintenance. We also offer professional leak detection and drain cleaning services.

If you need a plumber today, please don’t hesitate to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence, ASAP for an appointment.

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Is Drain Cleaning Service Really Necessary?

Is Drain Cleaning Service Really Necessary?

Often, when homeowners think about drain cleaning service, they picture clogged, icky drains oozing with gunk. While this mental image is partially true, there are many reasons why a regular drain cleaning service is necessary, even when there aren’t any substances oozing out of the pipes just yet. In this article, we will cover why people seek to hire a reputable drain cleaning service for their homes, as well as the benefits you and your family can reap by scheduling a regular cleaning for your home’s drains. Additionally, we will touch upon a few things you should look for to ensure you hire a reputable service that will do a professional and high-quality job. Let’s take a look.

The Most Obvious Reason: Repeated Clogs

If your drains tend to become clogged often or they are so blocked that nothing moves along the pipeline, it’s time to consider having them cleaned. Clogs form when different types of materials start accumulating in one or more pipe sections, and when they get large enough, they can block the passage of water through the drain pipe. Some of these materials are pretty innocuous by themselves, but once they start accumulating, they can wreak havoc on your home’s drain system. They include bits of food, hair, soap scum, grease, and other substances. In some cases, small toys, such as those flushed down the toilet by toddlers worldwide, and other items could have inadvertently become lodged in the pipes. Of particular interest is bacon grease, which tends to congeal when it comes into contact with water. Each time bacon grease gets poured down the drain; it will form a new layer of hardened gunk on top of the previous one until the pipe is completely blocked by sticky goo. So, always dispose of bacon grease properly so you don’t have a much larger problem than you expected.

The Life Span of Your Pipes Will Be Increased

Pipes that constantly become clogged tend to crack, and spring leaks more often than those clear of blockages. Additionally, clogs can warp and deform your pipeline, resulting in a diminished life expectancy. Drain cleaning involves the use of special cameras designed to show you what is going on deep inside your drains, which will allow the technician to verify if there are any cracks or problems that should be resolved before they become costly issues. This timely intervention will ensure your pipes are in good shape for much longer, helping you avoid expensive replacements and damaging leaks.

Your Family’s Health Will Improve

Think about everything that goes down your home’s drains and accumulates over time on the sides of the pipes. Organic debris, such as bits of food, will eventually start rotting, becoming a paradise for bacteria and other organisms that could harm your family’s health. Even worse, a dirty drain line can be the perfect breeding ground for black mold, and that’s not even counting the disgusting smell that comes out of your drains and invades your home. This is one of the most common deciding factors for homeowners, especially when they have small children or family members with chronic diseases living in their homes. By having your drains cleaned, you can remove the foul odor, bacteria, and mold from your drains, which will provide a cleaner and healthier environment for your family.

So, Is It Worth It?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding YES! Drain cleaning is worth it, especially when you can’t remember or don’t know if your home has ever had that service performed on it. The benefits you can reap from having your drains cleaned as part of your home’s regular maintenance program are numerous and can save a lot of money. Having a clean drain system allows wastewater to flow more freely, reducing your water bill, and, as we’ve already mentioned, you can save money on medical bills by preventing the formation of mold and other noxious substances that can make your family sick. So, if you have never had your drains cleaned, the time to consult a professional service is now, and you should have it done as soon as you can.

Final Tips

Drain cleaning requires a profound knowledge of the inner workings of various plumbing systems, both in residential and commercial settings. Because of this, it is a task that should be carried out by a licensed plumber. To ensure the high quality and accurate performance of the service, always make sure you run a quick online search of the company you are looking to hire. Verify their reputation by looking at their online reviews. The service you hire should have at least a 4.5-star rating, with 50 or more reviews by previous customers. It is also important you request to see their license to verify it’s current and to show proof of general liability insurance. This will help you rest easy, knowing that no matter what happens, the damages will be taken care of. Because, let’s face it, accidents can happen, and you want to be sure that if they do, you won’t have to pay for any damages out of your own pocket. Lastly, talk to the contractor about their experience in this type of service. The more experienced they are, the better it will be for you.

When finding the best drain cleaning service in town, look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence. With many years of experience to back up our word, we will always strive to deliver high-quality services to our customers. So, whether you need your drains cleaned because of hard-to-remove clogs or to keep your family and home healthy, don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and call us to schedule an appointment today!

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Plumber Recommendation: Find Time To Inspect Your Plumbing

Plumber Recommendation: Find Time To Inspect Your Plumbing

What’s the best way to avoid costly plumbing repairs? One of the most effective ways to ensure no issues in your plumbing system that may lead to a major plumbing emergency is to find time to inspect and care for your plumbing appliances and fixtures. If possible, hire a plumber to inspect your unit professionally. And if there are issues, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible so we can check what’s wrong with your plumbing system and recommend the best solution. For repairs, our team will inspect your plumbing and give you a proper diagnosis and the most cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Helpful Tips for Homeowners

We recommend making a schedule and adhering to it as much as possible. Have a weekly or monthly plumbing inspection and check for any damages or wear and tear. For the water heater, you might want to do this once a year. But if you have low water pressure, we recommend inspecting and draining the water heater more than once a year.

Below are some helpful tips to avoid costly plumbing emergencies:

  1. Protect the plumbing pipes. Inspect the pipes occasionally for any signs of leaks or wear and tear. If your pipes are old, we recommend replacing them with modern piping, possibly PVC or copper pipes, because both pipes are less susceptible to damage and rust. For installation, always hire a licensed plumber only. Avoid installing pipes on your own because if you make a mistake, you might come home to a flooded basement or home. The last thing you want is to spend a fortune on plumbing repairs, replacements, or restorations.

You can also protect the pipes by insulating them during freezing temperatures. The pipes must stay warm, or the water inside them can freeze. When the water freezes, the pipes can expand and then burst. You don’t want this to happen because water damage can cost you a fortune. In addition to insulating the pipes, you can also open the faucet so that warm water can flow through them. Don’t turn off your heating, and allow the heated air to warm the pipes.

  1. Flush the water heater. Do you have a water heater tank installed in the basement? Hire a plumber to inspect the water heater professionally. He needs to inspect if the heating elements of your tank are okay and if there are no issues with it. He will also ensure your water is clean. Don’t forget also to drain the water heater tank to get rid of the sediment buildup that has accumulated. Sediment can affect the efficiency of your water heater and lead to a costly repair. If not removed, you might have problems with your water heater tank, such as losing hot water or getting fluctuating temperatures. You can quickly resolve hot water problems by flushing the water heater. If it doesn’t get resolved, contact a plumbing expert for assistance.
  2. Get a routine plumbing inspection. Homeowners must find time to inspect their plumbing appliances and fixtures. In addition to this, they must also hire a professional to do a proper inspection of their plumbing systems. A plumbing expert will carefully inspect your appliances and fixtures and let you know if you need repairs or maintenance. He will never leave unless he’s certain everything is in top shape. If you need routine plumbing checkups, please don’t hesitate to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence. We are always available to help. Our team is also available during emergencies to ensure you’re getting emergency services the moment you need them.
  3. Always get a professional installation. Are you installing major plumbing appliances and fixtures? Get them professionally installed to avoid issues with your unit. Incorrect installation often leads to problems with the efficiency of your unit. You might even buy a replacement unit, and you wouldn’t want this because of the cost. Also, you might lose your service warranty. Manufacturers usually require that homeowners get professional installation to keep the warranty. Without the service warranty, you will pay for repairs out of pocket.

Also, try not to hire an unlicensed person to install the unit because he might cut corners and damage the appliance. And because he doesn’t have insurance and he damages the unit, you may never get compensation for it.

  1. Get a professional drain cleaning service. For clogs, never use chemical-based drain cleaners to get rid of the clog. Use the vinegar and baking soda solution for cleaning, or pour boiling water to remove small clogs. You can also use a drain snake to remove whatever restricts water flow. Better yet, get professional drain cleaning to ensure your drains stay clean and healthy.

Install a garbage disposal to manage your food waste and avoid drain clogs effectively. Don’t forget also to install strainers in the sink. The strainer will catch food particles or hair. If you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a plumbing expert right away.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence

Do you need a plumber for your home or business? We’re just here to help. As an established plumbing company, we offer various commercial and residential plumbing services. Our plumbing team can help with major repairs, maintenance, and installation services. If you need help with your kitchen or bathroom renovation, we can also help. For those that need plumbing emergencies, our plumbing company is available around the clock to provide emergency plumbing services.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence today for an appointment.

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Let Our Plumbing Company Help You Maintain Your Sewer Line

Let Our Plumbing Company Help You Maintain Your Sewer Line

Sewer line problems are frustrating at best and a downright nightmare at their worst. With maintenance, you can ward off many plumbing problems that plague your sewer line. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence offers a full lineup of professional plumbing services. We maintain, repair, and replace sewer lines. We never attempt to upsell our clients. We provide an accurate report of your plumbing system’s condition and make recommendations based on our expertise. Our plumbers are certified and highly trained. We can help you maintain your sewer line and tackle any problems. With our help and the following tips, you can keep your sewer line in good working condition.

What’s the Sewer Line?

Each home has a sewer line that connects it to the city’s main sewer system. The line that runs underground on your property is your responsibility to maintain or repair. Over time, the sewer line can fall into disrepair because of age, corrosion, or even shifting ground. Clogs can damage pipes, too, leaving them vulnerable to problems. If the line becomes damaged or clogged, it can lead to wastewater backups into your home. With some prevention and timely maintenance from our plumbing company, you can keep your sewer line working properly.

Tree Root Clearing

Tree roots have an inconvenient way of getting into sewer lines, especially older sewer lines. As plumbing systems age, they can develop pinpoint holes and loose seams. This is all that is needed to provide an entrance for thread-like tree roots. Tree roots are always looking for water and nutrients, which are plentiful in sewer drains. Once these roots get into your drain, they’ll continue to grow there as they absorb water and nutrients.

If you’ve had a tree root problem in the past, the roots will likely return unless you have your sewer line replaced. Once your plumbing company clears the roots, the roots will still grow back, so annual root clearing is recommended. During this procedure, your plumber will attach a cutter to an auger. This cutter swivels through the drain and cuts away the roots. Then, water pushes the roots into the main sewer system. With annual root clearing, you can prevent them from clogging your sewer line.

Professional Drain Cleaning

All of your home’s drains lead to the sewer line. Debris that gets washed down the drains can make its way to the sewer line and get caught there, settling in bends in the line or getting caught in grease or muck that’s trapped there. This muck and debris can build up until it blocks the water flow and causes a stubborn clog.

To reduce the risk of a clog, it’s helpful to have your drains cleaned. Clean drains mean less debris and buildup in the drain system that can make its way to the sewer line. Many customers opt for drain cleaning yearly, but consider how busy your household is. You may choose to have your drains cleaned more or less frequently. We offer drain cleaning services. Drain cleaning benefits your entire plumbing system, reducing the risk of problems like slow drains and clogs.

No Food in the Drains

A bit of cereal left in a bowl, some drained grease, and a few apple peels–small amounts of food debris might not seem problematic, but they can get trapped in drains and lead to drain buildup and clogs. Food that gets stuck in your drains can make it to the sewer line but then wind up getting caught there. It’s best to avoid letting any food particles, oil, or grease enter your drains. Get some drain guards to keep debris from getting into your drains.

No Wipers, Diapers, or Sanitary Products in the Drains

Never flush items other than human waste or toilet tissue. Anything else can lead to a drain or sewer line clog. Even when products are marketed as flushable, it’s best not to try them. Dispose of them in the trash rather than flushing them down the drain. Our plumbing company tackles a lot of drain clogs, and we’re sorry to report that many items that are claimed to be safe for flushing are not.

Avoid Harsh Drain Cleaners

Avoid using commercial drain cleaners to clean your drains and sewer line. Our plumbing company does not use these caustic chemicals. We use augers or hydro jetting equipment to safely clean plumbing systems. Caustic chemicals can damage drain pipes and sewer lines. The chemicals are corrosive and can react with the materials that make up the pipe. These chemicals may or may not loosen debris, but they are unsafe for your drains. To support the longevity of your pipes, it’s best to let a plumber clean your sewer line and drains instead.

Sewer Line Clearing and Repairs

If your sewer line does develop a clog or becomes damaged, you need a trusted plumber to evaluate its condition and make the ideal fix. Sewer line clogs and damage can prevent you from using your plumbing system. If your sewer line begins to back up, it can damage property and trigger a mold outbreak. These situations demand the skills of a professional plumber. We can clear sewer line clogs and, if need be, replace damaged pipes, getting your plumbing system back into functioning condition as soon as possible.

Call us for our sewer line inspection and maintenance services. We can also provide repair and replacement solutions too.

Customers trust our plumbers for their know-how and experience. We can help you maintain your entire plumbing system, getting the most out of this essential asset. At the first sign of a plumbing problem, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence.

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