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Different Types Of Plumbing Services Explained | Florence, SC

Plumbing problems are inevitably part of almost every household in Florence, SC, whether it’s your own house or a rented one. And they could be minor or emergencies. However, most people ignore small plumbing issues and only call for professional plumbing service when it’s an emergency. But little do they know that overlooking these small problems results in plumbing emergencies in the first place.

One thing to blame is the lack of information on the type of service available to individuals. If most homeowners had this knowledge, they would be able to address the small plumbing faults before they turned catastrophic. Due to the increasing number of plumbing-related issues in homes, the plumbing industry has evolved to offer a wide range of plumbing services to cater to the needs of every person.

To understand the type of plumbing service you may need for your home, continue reading this blog to learn more about the different services offered by a professional in Florence, SC.

Drain Cleaning Services

It would go without saying that the most common plumbing problem in homes is a clogged drain. Clogs in drains occur due to dirt buildup over a long period. As much as it sounds obvious that the drains in your home are prone to blockages, serious plumbing issues may arise if left unattended.

Recurring clogs, flooding, slow drains, and foul odors are drainage issues that should be left in the hands of experts. A clog inside your pipes can potentially damage them, accelerating their wear and tear. The last thing you want is a burst sewer pipe. Besides the mess it will cause on your property, sewage is a serious health hazard if exposed to humans and animals.

Nevertheless, a plumbing service provider worth the game can help with professional drain cleaning and emergency unclogging services. This way, the status of your drains and pipes will be reinstated, and water will thus flow smoothly. The problem is that most homeowners try to fix drainage issues independently. But this isn’t a good idea as they end up causing more damage than there already is.

Your hired plumbing service provider has the knowledge and expertise of what is expected. They’ll assess the clog first to determine the drain cleaning methods.

Water Supply Services

Leaks are a major problem that calls for timely professional plumbing services. And even though some leaks are easily identifiable, others are not. For instance, foundational leaks, corroded fixtures, faulty seals, or high water pressure are some of the causes of water leaks in your home. If not fixed in time, you might risk water damage on your property. A leak significantly affects your energy bill as it can potentially waste hundreds of gallons of water, hiking your total utility bill.

Luckily, every problem has a solution. A trained plumber near you can effectively remedy the situation before the worst happens. The water supply service scope of work may involve testing the cold and hot water systems, repiping, rerouting, or connecting rainwater tanks for flushing toilets in the home. What’s more, some companies in the city, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence, offer water softening and purification services.

Gas Services

The good thing about most plumbing services today is that they aren’t limited to water-supply services only; they also cover gas fittings. However, you must ensure you hire a licensed and certified gas installer since handling gas is one risky job. There’s a danger of exposing you and your family to inhalation of excessive carbon monoxide due to faulty installations or improper repairs, which brings about gas leaks.

Again, unlike water-related problems, improper gas services could result in fires as gasses are highly flammable. Scheduling a professional gas service as soon as possible is paramount to ensure fire safety, even if the problem may seem small.

Plumbing Installation and Replacements

Whether upgrading your current plumbing fixtures, starting new construction, or moving into a new home, you’ll need plumbing installations or replacements. Thankfully, most plumbing contractors offer installations and replacement services.

But, you only want to hire a reputable plumbing service to do the work for you, meaning you must do your research well before settling on anyone who poses as a qualified plumber. This will ensure the plumbing fixtures are installed or replaced properly and expertly to reduce unexpected costs or any damage during the exercise.

Emergency Plumbing

Even though most homeowners are aware of the possibility of plumbing emergencies, no one person is ever prepared for them. Thus, you must contract with a 24/7 emergency plumber in Florence, SC, who will be on standby when such events happen. But determining if a plumbing issue is an emergency may not be easy. You can seek advice from an expert to know what you need to do in the event of a plumbing emergency.

Inspection and Maintenance

Preventative maintenance of your plumbing unit is a far better way of preventing plumbing problems in the first instance. Having your plumbing checked regularly has many benefits, including saving you time, money, and energy. Many plumbing professionals offer this service annually, so it would be a good idea to consider routine tune-ups if you’ve not been servicing your plumbing system.

This will help reduce downtime and costly future repairs or replacements since the plumbing tech can detect any arising issues and fix them in time before they develop into big problems. Also, proper maintenance makes your home’s plumbing system function efficiently, thus, increasing its life expectancy.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence: We Are There When You Need Us!

There’s no doubt that the above article has enlightened you more on the various plumbing services you can call for in your home. If you’re looking for a reliable provider to partner with, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Florence or schedule an online appointment with us today. Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and uphold the highest level of professionalism while at work. Phone us now for more engagements.

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